Makina Girgir - Tape Songs

Retro-Lektro-Wave project combining electro and 80s wave/synth influences.

LP / Digital Album

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Makina Boy (picture from Paul Langlade)

Here is the original French interview.

For how long have you been making music and with which kind of instrument did you first get in contact?

I’d say I always have played music. Actually, I began around the age of 11. My first instrument, the one I learned to play, was an electronic organ. A Farfisa, double keyboard + bass pedals.

During several years, I learned the basics of classical and jazz music. In an organ school, amongst gleaming and promising synthesizers (Jupiter 8, Juno, DX7), for which I still ignored the interest they will represent).

I remember I discovered at this time, through this instrument, essential / obvious “layers” of a composition: rhythms (pre-programmed in this case), bass (organ pedals) chords / arrangements (left hand), lead / melodies (right hand)…

Which artists have influenced your adolescence the most?

Without an hesitation, the one who impressed me the most, and in a durable way: David Bowie. “Station To Station” and the “Berliner Trilogy” (low / heroes / lodger) will remain forever etched in my memory.

Of course, many other revelations popped up in this period (especially via radio broadcasts, before starting to buy records): Roxy Music, Velvet Underground, Blondie, Talking Heads, Devo, Klaus Nomi, Kraftwerk, Moroder, The Cure, Siouxsie, PIL, Psychedelic Furs, Nina Hagen, Kate Bush, Shriekback, Simple Minds, Talk Talk, Tom Tom Club, Yello, YMO, and dozens of other…

I quote these rather well known names, who counted a lot for me, because back then, they could be heard on the radio (I do not know if the equivalent would still be possible).

The following of my approach with music(s) will then be based on “research” and exploration of more specific and less disseminated genres(Industrial Music, Italo-Disco, Ebm, New Wave, Cold Wave…)

But indeed, if I had to choose only one, it would probably be Bowie. He represented for me “The Artist” in all its dimensions: musical, visual, conceptual, evolutive…

Later I will be stuck with acts like Cabaret Voltaire, Neon Judgement, Severed Heads, Chris & Cosey, Death In June… to name a few.

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Limited to 400 hand numbered copies with screenprinted artwork, Torment is the long awaited first full length album from Makina Girgir that just came out on La Forme Lente.

Makina Girgir, also known as AratkiLo, is a solo project from Toulouse, France. In 2007, the debut EP The Spell was released on Das Drehmoment and other tracks also appeared on various compilations like Dance With Us! and Synthesize Me in 2007, Circuit d’Actes 2 in 2011 and The Future Echo Tapes in 2012.

Faithful to the original spirit, every song is mixing cold and spacey sounds with warm and haunting melodies. Often urging you to dance, robotic rhythms and piercing synth riffs are contrasting in sweet and seducing harmonies. Mechanical sequences are arranged with deep and spacious soundscapes in a way that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Female spoken words, processed through icy effects, are also making this record even more slick and sexy.

Definitely getting off the beaten paths, Torment has a modern edge that I found original and refreshing. Every listening got me totally absorbed with the head in the clouds, ironically taking me away from life’s torments…

Makina Girgir – Torment

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