Iris Paralysis

Iris Paralysis are a London / Bielefeld based synth band.

LP / Digital Album

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Nass Zuruck - Plastic Love

Nass Zuruck is a solo darkwave / synthwave project from the gutters of Los Angeles, California.

LP / Digital Album

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Leeches - Exobirth

Leeches is a solo lo-fi, synth-punk project from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Gape Attack! - 2008​-​2010

Gape Attack! made one of the most difficult sounds to describe that we’ve ever known, and not because it is very hard to find a tag that fits, but because of the amount of these tags that can be suitable for them. Minimal, synth-punk, weirdo, 8-bits, extreme lofi, coldwave, dark pop anthems, new wave… And for sure and as summary of all this, that multipurpose “catch-all” term that is Post-punk.

FDH Records brings us now on a really sick 12″ this stunning treasure track comp. taken from the very short but essential 2008-2010 catalog of this drunk and drugged Seattle’s line-up, that with these ultra-Lofi recordings on cheap gears, managed to blow our brains out as only few have done. [Tremendo Garaje]

LP / Digital Album

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Benny Leather - Temporary Insanity

Here’s the first release by Benny Leather, a post-punk / minimal synth duo from USA and Belgium.

LP / Digital Album

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