Scott Ryser ‎– Flying Away

Scott Ryser and his partner & wife, Rachel Webber, were the principal, songwriters, synth players, singers and filmmakers for the UNITS. The UNITS were one of America’s first electronic new wave bands and have been cited along with The Screamers and Suicide as pioneers of the music genre “synthpunk”. Scott & Rachel moved from SF to NYC in 1984 where Scott continues to make music & film.

Scott: “Flying Away” is a collection of song ideas I’ve been slowly working on ever since the UNITS broke up. That’s why the album sounds a bit like an old ‘80’s synth record at times. I stepped up the pace recently with the invaluable help and collaboration of Kit Watson in order to get the album out. Throughout the process of writing these songs I kept asking myself the same thing I did while writing songs for the UNITS, How can I make it sound original? Like something someone else hasn’t done yet. I also stayed true to my roots and kept it all synthesizers and drums (except for Blaine’s excellent violin solo on “Society For Two”).

LP / Digital Album

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Post-punk outfit consisting of two French musicians living in London, Zeropolis embodies the anti-city, woven with dead utopias and technological fatigue. Layering noisy riffs and synthetic melodies over throbbing electronic beats, their music oscillates between coldwave, punk outbursts as well as the darkest corners of pop music.

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Digital Leather - Pink Thunder

Digital Leather is the musical project led by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Foree. It is recognized for having characteristics of electropunk, new wave, pop, lo-fi, and psychedelic music.

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Cave Curse - Future Dust

Darkwave Synth Punk project from Bobby Hussy (The Hussy, Fire Heads, TIT). Started in 2014 as a solo project, the group expanded to a duo with the addition of Will Gunnerson in 2016. Will moved back to Kansas following the recording of Future Dust. Cave Curse was rebooted as a 4-piece in 2017 with Ben Brooks (Drums), Tyler Spatz (Bass) and Emili Earhart (Synth) joining the group.

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We are very excited to be doing the North American release of the debut LP from the French Synthpunk outfit Videodrome. This will be co-released with Adrenaline Fix Music & P.Trash Record in Europe. This debut LP is 13 tracks that will leave you wanting more.

Vinyl LP / Digital Album

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