Beatbox Machinery - A Synth Trilogy

Episode I

Pt. I: A video game programmer who is stalked by his visionary dreams, riding on desert highways across a fainted world… in search of a forgotten empire of technology…

Pt. II: …it was one of these cold nights, out on the open highway… a distant blaze mirrored on his rear view, strange creatures from the starlit skies were circled above him in a twinkle of an eye, humming of vocal signals…

Pt. III: …an action adventure emerged like the first light of day, a temporal paradox formed out of this spellbound destiny, a chance to break the boundaries of his restless life…

Episode II

Pt. IV: …and then there was silence… amidst the frantic applause while he has awoken, a panel of buttons and screen lights reflects his vision. The flag drops as spontaneously he shifts the gear and hardens the pedal. The first round has just begun…

Pt.V: The race exceeds all expectations, demonstrating his own resurgence and on the verge of a profound risk he manages to lose track from his rivals. Roaring over the city, while going for the final round…

Pt. VI: Shouts of joy and rocking drum-beats, soar above the galaxy, but the moments of triumph won’t last long. Reckless of danger he now falls into a void, as he enters the zone of shadows while the guardian protector lifts the mantle to foreshadow a formative future…

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Jupiter-8 - Texas Werewolf (Original Soundtrack)

The town of Big Woods in Texas is victim to several violent attacks on the cattle. When a farmer is killed, some people say it’s because of a werewolf. Sheriff Mitchell tries to calm the men down, but the hunt to find the beast has already begun.

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Falcon Reekon - Evasion

From Nomad’s land, France, Falcon Reekon is making 80′s synth music which is called Retro New Wave and sometimes sounds like Electrofunk Nu Disco.

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Modern Blossom - Naked Curtains

A whirl of hypnotic ambiguity that comes to life through harsh arpeggios and aggressive bass lines. The intimate and raspy voice evokes a dark and claustrophobic atmosphere and leads you to new captivating musical territories.

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Konstrukcija - Self-titled

More than a side-project, Konstrukcija stemmed from the reunion of Stropu Jurka (STROPS, VSKB, but also the radio show INTERVILNIS) and Gatis Druvaskalns (STARPLIKTUVE, CELMLAUZIS) in spring 2011 when the latter returned from a two-year long stay in the Netherlands. He brought his friend back a Casio MT-40, which he had bought for the modest sum of 5 euros. They started jamming and within a few days recorded several tracks for which the Casio, a Korg Monotron, an Estradin-230 and a diy noise box were utilized. In the end they came up with a full unreleased album. The texts allude to all their friends who have left Latvia to live abroad, as well as to those who have left forever by jumping from the cable-stayed bridge (Riga).

Their sound is very reminiscent of the analogical minimal electronic wave in the vein of early pioneers such as Kraftwerk, El Aviador Dro or Yellow Magic Orchestra to which they added that indescribable Latvian frostbitten atmosphere from a country where the winter temperature may fall to -30º C and winter lasts for half of the year… That was it officially… not until December 2012 when they started playing again in order to get prepared for a set which would be performed two months later in Paris, following an invitation from Les Sons Paranormaux. It is then that they very naturally thought of inviting Erlends Paičs –who had already been active within VSKB a few years earlier, most notoriously for a series of live sets programmed and organized by the above-mentioned organization.

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