Denuit - Inferno

Sophomore album for the French Night Wave duo.

“Our second album will be called Inferno, it speaks about our personal hell. The one that we create create for ourselves. Because there is no worse enemy than humanity for humanity. But hell can have a purifying vocation. We give then to fire, a work of purgation.
This album is intimately linked to emotions, from anger in Nemesis, (whose track takes its name from the goddess of anger herself), sadness in I’m Breeding, depression or this state of being underwater in Deep Water and a morbid fear in Life & Death. So many emotions that push us in this crossing of the underworld, on earth. It will then be necessary to show its Redemption, to manage to go up to the surface.”

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Je T'aime - Aggressive

JE T’AIME is a parisian post-punk cold wave hybrid, reminiscent of the great Mancunian Factory era and suffused with hints of the Smiths.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Bipolar Sounds 2021

Compilations of songs from albums released in 2021 by Manic Depression Records.

Digital Album [free download]

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Bipolar Sounds 2020

First of all, we would like to wish you an happy new year, hoping 2020 was not to harsh on you, and that 2021 will be much nicer…

Although we struggled with this insane situation, preventing you to gather in concerts and clubs to enjoy your music and meet friends, we managed to release quite a few gems, that we decide to gather in this digital compilation.

This is a free/pay what you want compilation giving one song of every Manic Depression Records releases we had this years. Its purpose is to thank you for your support and to introduce you to groups you may have missed.

Take care and enjoy music at home!

Digital Album [free download]

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Jeff Clark - EP Collection

Jeff Clark’s is a French Dark Wave / Post Punk band based in Le Mans. Formed in 2017 by Charly (compositions, arrangements, vocals and live guitar) and Guillaume (live bass, arrangements), the duo draws its influences from the 80’s and is inspired by bands such as The Soft Moon, She Past Away or Skeleton Hands. Jeff Clark’s develops dark, cold and hypnotic atmospheres through which light and energy always end up piercing.

CD / Digital Album

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