A.D. Mana - Body of Glass / Blue Romeo

A.D. Mana is a solo artist and producer from the UK, now based in Berlin. He renders skeletal guitar lines, enmeshed in electronics both dense and pristine. Post punk, shoegaze, synth pop, EBM… yes… but not entirely. Beneath the shifting tension of these disparate strains, there is an underlying iridescence to the sound.

From a punk and then songwriter background, and having grown frustrated with the tonal limitations of acoustic instruments, A.D. Mana had always been experimenting in electronic production. Through working as a graphic designer at a music software company, he gained access to an array of synths, drum machines and other equipment, as well as the knowledge of how to operate them. However, spending days designing software interfaces and long nights in the East London studio experimenting with gear, eventually began taking it’s toll. After declining health gave him the warning signs something needed to change, A.D. Mana relocated to Melbourne, Australia. He wrote and recorded with various artists there, but had still not defined something that felt like his own work.

Relocating again, this time to Berlin, he reconnected with friend and sound engineer, Christian Richardson. Finishing the first eponymous A.D. Mana EP, released on Sentimental Records in 2016. He followed this with the music video for the single ‘Take Hold’, directed by Sally Dige, which took us on a propulsive, paranoid, desaturated Super 8 journey through Berlin.

Digital Album

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Ash Code - Perspektive

Ash Code is the moniker for the meeting of Alessandro’s sensivity and Claudia’s taste. Their music describe a collage of darkwave, noise and electronic music with a solid drum machine. Dark ballads and obsessive beats, deep and melancholic synths, noise and distortions, arpeggiators and delays. Lights and shades. Dances of Death. Visions and theatricality. Coded ash.

LP / Digital Album

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Twin Tribes - Shadows

Twin Tribes is a Dark Synth / Post Punk duo based in Brownsville, Texas. Formed by Luis Navarro (vocals, guitar, synth, drum machines) and Joel Niño, Jr. (bass, synth, vocals) in 2017. The band gathers their influences from the period of the dark 80′s. Dark Wave, Post-Punk and Cold Wave are only a couple of genres that the band summons using analog synthesizers and drum machines. Dark melodic sounds, lyrics of the undead, the occult and parallel universes are what conjure Twin Tribes.

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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Egoprisme - Among Noise

A nervous guitar, hypnotic loops, a deep voice. With great reinforcements of arpeggiators and rhythm boxes, Egoprisme builds a synthetic universe with cold wave accents in a dark, hybrid and bewitching atmosphere.

CD / Digital Album

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M​!​R​!​M - Luvenis

4 years after the release of debut album Heaven via Fabrika Records, M!R!M is back with “Iuvenis”, a dark/pop LP with 14 new tracks smoothly sewn by the young London based Italian Jack Milwaukee.

“Iuvenis is the result of two years of writing in my bedroom” Jack says. Entirely written with analog and digital synths, vintage drum machines, blurry vocals and dark bass lines, Iuvenis is once again a DIY work.

The album is clearly influenced by the 80′s post-punk / synth pop scene (New Order, The Wake, Killing Joke); yet it differs from the previous album and follows the last work released such as the 7” Matilde / Velvet Dress and the dream pop experience matured with Leave The Planet.

The “StoryTelling” in Iuvenis is more obvious than before, the album takes the listener to a deep nostalgic obscurity where laying down and being cuddled gently by the solitude is a must, while the sealing gets pierced by soft dreams and impossible hopes to reach. “Iuvenis is a Latin Word which means young man, which I am” Jack says.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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