Blind Delon - La Me​́​tamorphose

Veyl welcomes Blind Delon to the label for their third album, La Métamorphose. Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz, the project released several EPs leading up to their first full length, Discipline (Khemia / Unknown Pleasure Records, 2019) and their subsequent follow up, Chimères (Manic Depression, 2020). Originally a three piece before the departure of guitarist Theo Fantuz after their second album, the project then focused on refining their sound and energy through alternative projects and more EPs before adding a new member ahead of their latest opus. The band currently consists of Mathis Kolkoz (Vocals, Guitars), Coco Thiburs (Bass) and Thom Mayor (Synths, Guitars).

Fueled by cold bass lines and synthesizers of yesteryear, French post-punk and black romanticism, Blind Delon shatters genres and styles to create an evolved strain of synthpunk that wears its influences proudly while mutating into something totally new. La Métamorphose represents a fresh direction – a heavy, post-metal sound that’s full of emotion and raw intensity. ‘Le Crépuscule’ opens the album with a hard hitting piece that commences the experience perfectly. Next up, the group kicks things into high gear with the speedy, heavy-synth play of ‘La Violence’ featuring vocals by Fivequestionmarks, followed by ‘La Mort’, a blackened post-punk cut featuring the one and only Curses.

Label head Maenad Veyl makes a guest appearance on the fourth track, ‘L’Homme’, which drifts into deep experimental melancholy with a cinematic feel. Keeping with this mood is the powerful ‘L’Affront’ featuring The KVB, which descends further into darkness before resurrecting with the immense feelings of ‘Le Sarcasme’. Track seven, ‘La Noyade’, drills into the skull with growling vocals and menacing synths which bleed nicely into ‘La Foule’, slowing things back down with a subtle yet lingering sense of dread. French project Poison Point arrive on ‘L’Envie’ which moves guitars back to the forefront for a raucous ballad that sets up the final piece and title track, ‘La Métamorphose’, the glorious grand finale of an album teeming with emotion and begging to be played again and again.

LP / Digital Album

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Blind Delon - Chimères

Cold bass lines and synthesizers of yesteryear, French post-punk and dark romanticism, Blind Delon combines raw noises and pure melancholy.

LP / Digital Album

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Blind Delon - Discipline

Founded in 2016 by the french artist Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon draws his energy from the cold and synthwave references: ancient synthesizers, icy bass lines and black romanticism, the ingredients of a recipe that combines raw elegance and pure melancholy. In the line of Boy Harsher, Poison Point or The Soft Moon, they immortalize the Post-Punk ideal and elevate it to an invulnerable absolute. We are very proud today to announce this real masterpiece DISCIPLINE!

Blind Delon’s first album is laced with a dark energy and a daring and deep lyricism. In the darkness of today’s world, the sound material, at the same time rigid and alive, reveals a powerful encounter between organic and synthetic sounds.Mathis Kolkoz, the founder and singer of the group, as well as the invited artists (Kris Baha, Lapse of reason, DJ Varsovie) carry the lyrics and voices. Like chants, the dance and mystical music are close to incantation. Friends of the group, I Hate Models and Arabian Panther, are also guests on a couple of the tunes.The band builds a sensory atmosphere, an analogical reverie, an artefact for a corrupt and aging humanity. By working all the details, sometimes at the edge of sound design and sound decor, the group invites us in a world at once personal, sometimes disturbing but always powerful. This album carries references to amplified music from the 70’s and early 80’s as well as synthwave. These references carve the album’s strong identity.

To fully appreciate « Discipline », make yourself comfortable, slip on your headphones, close your eyes to start the voyage. One might emerge shaken, filled with the desire to move, to externalize anger, revolt, and pleasure. Blind Delon explores a new direction in this rich and mature album.”

CD / Digital Album

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Blind Delon - Maniaque

DARK MEN RECORDS 03 is the second vinyl release of the french synthwave casanovas Blind Delon after their sold out debut on Oráculo Records, again a one-off pressing, catch it or dont regret later!

12″ EP

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Blind Delon - Riot

Founded in 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon made it’s first release on the spanish record label Oràculo Records with the ” Edouard ” Ep, containing 3 original tracks plus a remix from Drvg Cvltvre ( Viewlexx, New York Haunted ). Shortly after this release, Léo Farronato ( Memento Maurice ) started to take part in this project, and today Blind Delon is working as a duet, with big influences from 80′s Post-Punk/Cold Wave to the french Techno scene and the german Neue Deutsche Welle.

Synth-Pop might be the best word to qualify their music, as their music is a sort of breed between outrageous Pop and cold basslines. Building a bridge between Pop and Rave music, Blind Delon is making a conventionnal yet romantic Post-Punk sound and join now Unknown Pleasures Records roster.

With their heads and bags filled with synthesizers from a time they weren’t even born, Mathis and Léo can be found today between a record shop and a cave rave, looking for an aesthetic that is nowhere near dying.

Digital Album

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