Schonwald - Night Idyll

With the artistic promise to make a step forward from the gloomy shades, “Night Idyll” transforms dark into psychedelic drone made of shimmering ethereal movements strongly inspired by a brighter nocturnal dance in particular making “Love Collides” an ideal new start.

Significantly, the songs favour imagery of love-passion lasting over time and massive melodies replacing the claustrophobic, smothering mood of previous SCHONWALD work is new-found appreciation of space and the actual melody itself, infused with a kind of vainglorious mix of shoegaze, darkwave and dream pop.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Principe Valiente - Strangers In The Night

After their outstanding self-titled debut album (2011) and the breathtaking subsequent album “Choirs of Blessed Youth” (2014), the Swedish post punk / shoegaze band lead by Fernando Honoratio, true to their vision, continues to carve out its own unique musical path.

As a first glimpse of their new album “Oceans”, to be released in early May, the new song and video “Strangers in The Night” was revealed on March 10th. The song is produced and mixed by the band themselves and the accompanying video is made by Swedish director Jacob Frössén, who among other things created the acclaimed documentary films “En film om Olle Ljungström” and “Henric De La Cour” in Sweden.

As B-sides to the single, there are two remixes made by the Swedish synth producer Mister Monell, and by the dark pop/electro band New Canyons Chicago who made the song ready for the dancefloor.

Digital Album

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The Doctors - Unterwelt

THE DOCTORS is a bass / guitar / keyboard / drum machine duet that blends influences from post punk and cold wave. Producing a condensed sound of industrial, cold and hypnotic, drawing its energy in ultra-fast beats and a powerful bass combined to a saturated guitar.

After several tours in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany for their EP “dctrs2″ published in 2013 and now sold out, they shared the autumn 2016 Mini Cave Festival in Münster (Germany) with Frustration, then the Black Bass Festival (Gironde, France) with Mondo Generator (QOTSA side project), Inspector Cluzo, JC Satan…

Digital Album

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Box And The Twins - Everywhere I Go Is Silence

Cologne based band, Box and and the Twins are indeed an odd thing – together with her ex-lover Marc, and her fiancé Mike, artist and trained psychologist Box creates sublime, fallen, out of time Music – equally enchanting, disturbing, sparkling songs.

A wistful search for meaning, for significance with patterns in this universal voidness.

Digital Album

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Dear Deer - Oh My

Dear Deer is a band formed in 2015, consisting of Federico Iovino (Popoi Sdioh) and Sabatel (Cheshire Cat).

This duo mixing post-punk, industrial and nowave appears live for the first time in Lille at “Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes II” event in April 2015. After the release of a few demo tracks recorded in 2015, the band performed live in France, Belgium and Poland with such bands as The Kvb, Savage Republic or Guerre Froide.

Digital Album

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