Jubille Jamboree

Jubilee compilation celebrating the 10 years of (t)reue um (t)reue’s existence since the label’s first release (Wermut’s “Hoffnung”) in February 2005! This V/A follows the same conceptual pattern as the TuT/RuR “tribute” compilations. Each artist has been invited to choose another artist’s song from the label’s roster and cover, remix, or re-interpret it to his heart’s content. Join the carnival and rediscover 23 TuT/RuR classics in unexpected and exciting new disguises!

Red & purple mix vinyl – in gatefold sleeve – limited edition of 275 hand-numbered copies.

Listen and order here.

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Pistes Noires

After our two previous compilation Synthétique and Auto-Reverse, Pistes Noires (de préférence) is the name of our brand new compilation: an electronic pop tribute to famous french pop singer Etienne Daho. The CD holds no less than 17 tracks: 17 different bands giving their personal view on Etienne Daho’s song a backward trip from 2014′s hit single En Surface to 1981′ debut Mythomane. Whether you know or not Etienne Daho’s work, it’s definitely worth a listen!

Listen here and order here.

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Japan Suicide - We Die In Such A Place

From Terni, Italy, Suicide Japan is an Italian post-punk / cold wave band, following in the footsteps of the late 70′s British post-punk echoes.

Listen and order here.

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Adan & Ilse - Cold Diamonds

They’ve been discovered by David Carretta on his famous label Space Factory, their tracks are on big dj’s lists, such as Dave Clarke or Alexander Robotnick.

They’ve been remixed by heads of electronic music (The Horrorist, Motor, John Lord Fonda, Haujobb), they made a cover of Suicide with Gabi Delgado from D.A.F.

They are supported by Dominik Nicolas (ex-Indochine) and Etienne Daho himself, brought back electro clash on the french scene in 2012 with their first release “From The Waves”, then were acclaimed with the next releases too (Sadisco, Sadisco r3mix3d, and Birds fallen from Heaven) by both underground music critics and an audience in search of quality.

Now, the french electronic music has a sound, a face and a name: ADAN & ILSE.

Listen and order here.

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Lotus Feed - Secret Garden

Lotus Feed is a New Wave Band based in Cologne/Germany. Influenced by the late 70ies’ early 80ies’ Alternative, Punk and New Wave they create their very own style of music.

They played about 50 shows and festivals all around Germany and Europe and shared stages with acts like The Chameleons, New Model Army, Charles de Goal, B-Movie, Escape with Romeo, The March Violets, only to name a few…

Listen and order here.

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