Torque Force

The concept behind this split 12” is simple. Two artists who are divided by the Atlantic Ocean but unified by a love of classic New Beat sounds. Andi, boss of the New York City-based Synthicide record label/club night and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe recording artist, combined forces with Sheffield’s Industrialist and lover of underground Body Music, Randolph & Mortimer, to present their own interpretation to the unmistakable Belgian genre.

Thus, “Torque Force” was forged. A landscape where seedy neon-soaked city streets merge with the clang of hammers and of industry: Gotham versus The Steel City. Andi brings pure style with driving beats and rolling, lo-fi percussion overlaid by seriously funky basslines and ominous samples. Randolph & Mortimer delivers an unmistakable dancibility that forces the body to move —with intense, in-your-face synth lines and precise beats, there is no choice but to dance.

The four tracks on “Torque Force” are not just uber cool dancefloor killers, but could easily soundtrack a slew of 1980s dystopian cyber-sleaze movies. She must have violated the program…

EP / Digital Album

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Vomito Negro - Entitled

Vomito Negro is the mythical EBM-industrial act formed in Belgium in 1983. The band has a vast discography that started with a self-titled EP in 1985 and continued with diverse releases on renowned labels like KK Records, Antler-Subway and more recently on Out of Line and Scanner.

Vomito Negro’s musical approach, essentially based on the European “Industrialist” tradition, takes a different angle on every record with synthesized psychodramas that range from danceable to contemplative, from instrumental and ambient to voice-ridden and brutal.

The new album “Entitled” was created with unreleased tracks from the early 80’s. All songs were re-arranged and re-recorded with the use of original vintage hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Absolute Body Control ‎- A New Dawn

Absolute Body Control is back with new material after more than ten years. The legendary minimal-synth-wave duo formed in 1980 by Dirk Ivens and joined a bit later by Eric van Wonterghem has been working together again and got finished a new EP. Six songs that fuse their classic sound with a theme that reflects the times of change that humanity is going through.

10″ EP / CD

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Randolph & Mortimer - Manifesto For A Modern World

Here’s the first full length album from Randolph & Mortimerm, a New Beat / EBM / Industrial project from Sheffield, UK.

2 x LP / Digital Album

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Blind Vision - Look At Me

Blind Vision is the project started in 1988 by Andreas Froese (former Club Bizarre / Technoclub DJ) that released on New Zone (brother label of Zoth Ommog and Suck Me Plasma) some classic EBM & “Sound of Frankfurt” hits featuring collaborations and production work by Ralf Henrich (Robotiko Rejekto, Axodry), Markus Nikolai (Bigod 20), Sevren Ni-Arb (X-Marks The Pedwalk), Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) and Vernon B.

LP / Digital Album

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