Aga Wilk - Kosmos

Aga, half of 77™, explores with her solo project slower and more disco oriented vibes. Vintage synthesizers and vocoders are used as means for spreading the Cold Disko spirit. This release contains an amazing cover of “Wunderbar” by the cult artist Christiane F.

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77tm - P.I.G.

“P.I.G.” (Post-Industrial Geometry) is the second EP by 77™. It’s a dive into old-school electro and minimal synth. Includes a cover of Dupont’s “Let’s rock” from the classic “Breakin’ ‘n’ Enterin’” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1983).

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Six Lo-fi Space Synth Themes Vol.1-2

Equinoxious is the solo project of Rogelio Serrano, Mexican musician focused to synth wave, cold wave and space music. He works with analog synthesizers and get inspiration from 70s & 80s electronic music, science fiction, Soviet space program, Retrofuturism, etc.

“Lo-Fi Space Synth Themes” is a set of 12 (plus two bonus) improvisations and ideas inspired heavily by the Soviet space missions​​in the past century.

All music has been composed with Moog Mg 1, Korg MS 20, Korg Rhythm 55 & DOD FX90.

Listen and order here.

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77tm - Spam

Arising from the underground of Neukölln in Berlin, this Polish-Danish duo brings pulsating beats and bass lines together with vintage synthesizers and analog drum machines, as well as self-customized and bended low-bit instruments. 77™ takes a conceptually different approach to each release, which usually is visually supported by experimental videos/animations.

Their remix for Millimetric’s “Negative Leaders” EP has been released on Space Factory Records.

Listen and order here.

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Alles - Post

Debut album of this minimal-electro-pop project from Łódź (Poland).

Cassette limited to 100 copies. Includes a button.

Listen and order here.

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