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Black Egg is a musical collective and allegorically ritualistic concept based in France, made up of Usher San (Anthon Shield / Die Puppe / Norma Loy) Corina Nenuphar (Ghost Actor) Peter Render and All von Phillox. Since their inception in 2014, they have assembled several releases on respected labels aufnahme + wiedergabe and Unknown Pleasures.

Beta Evers from Southern Germany works alone, without any producers involved. Her genre-defying style is (perhaps) somewhere between electro and minimal wave. Besides her solo work, she contributes tirelessly to collaborative projects such as, Black Spider Clan, Zwischenwelt (with Heinrich Mueller), Flying Bodies, Radikale Analog Fraktion and Black Pond. Beta Evers is also known for her labels Kommando 6 (which she started in 2000) and Bodyvolt.

12″ / Digital Album

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Black Egg - Songs Of Death And Deception

The new album of BLACK EGG called « Songs Of Death And Deception » (UPR 027). This release a very cold, warm an romantic folk with acoustic instruments in the vein of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Frank Tovey, Wovenhand, Johnny Cash, Death In June, Leonard Cohen, Rome, Lou Reed, Spiritual Front or Michael Gira.

During the dark eighties in France Usher formed part of the cult cold wave band Norma Loy.

There are 16 amazing songs on this album, (+ 1 bonus version in digital) published in compact disc digipak strictly limited edition to 500, and you can also buy and download it in digital.

« Songs Of Death And Deception » is an another great way to learn more about this amazing songwriter here in France. You’ll listening beautiful lyrics and vocals, melancholic songs and all this things what stands for good folk noir music.

Edition of 500 CD.

Listen and order here.

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Black Egg - Melencolia

BLACK EGG est un code secret, une intention speciale, une discipline du chaos.

Dans un temps où la rigueur n’est qu’un concept économique, nous affirmons notre désir, sans concession, avec persistance, selon le mot de Coil, et obstination. Un art sans concession, guidé par l’absolu du désir et de la perfection, en dehors des modes et de la complaisance, puisé au fond de la chair et de l’esprit, profondément, rigoureusement.

BLACK EGG est un collectif, une œuvre, une voie vers la lumière, vers la lumière noire du rêve, vers le réel intérieur, ouvert au-dedans.

Nous croyons en la pureté brutale, en une poésie mutilée, en une musique révélée, en un monde sonique où la paresse n’a pas sa place.

Nous voulons une musique, une esthétique qui change la vie, un art de vivre et de mourir.

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, white vinyl, gatefold.

Listen and order here.

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Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies, gatefold, white vinyl. the CD includes 7 addional bonus tracks.

Mastered by Friedemann Kootz (Galakthorrö, Haus Arafna, November Növelet), pictures by Mimi Gall.

Listen here and order there.

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