The Harrow - Silhouettes

Brooklyn post-punk/dream pop band The Harrow walk a fine line between the alluring and the surreal. Driving, club-centric electronics nestle against lush organic instrumentation, woven with vivid songcraft. The result is a hauntingly familiar sound that is never complacent in scope.

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Schonwald - Between Parallel Lights

Formed in 2009, the Italian duo crossed Europe in every way to deliver its ethereal and sensual post-punk, all in hypnotic, minimalist, strained atmospheres.

After 2 LPs sold out within months, Schonwald returns this fall with its third album “Between Parallel Lights”. We hear echoes of noisy Suicide, and synthetic melodies of the great 80s New Order. Beyond the darkwave, Schonwald invites us to dance dark.

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Schonwald - Dream For The Fall

Schonwald is an Italian duo formed by Alessandra Gismondi (vocals, bass) and Luca Bandini (guitar, synth and drum machine).

Schonwald is all about atmospheres: hypnotic minimalist mood and a noise inclination with echoes of Suicide, New Order, The Cure, mingling with synth melodies straight from the 80’s.

Four years after their debut album Amplified Nature (February 2009, Pocket Heaven Records – Lux), followed by several tours all through Europe, a double single, Mercurial (2013, Hozak Records), several tracks released on compilations, and finally their 2014 summer single Rays (on Anywave), Schonwald is back with Dream for the Fall, their second LP (coproduced by Anywave and Manic Depression Records), walking along their own singular line within the European darkwave scene.

Alessandra and Luca deeply drew their inspiration from the unique atmosphere of their hometown, Ravenna, from its swamps and lagoons, from the mist which often veil the surface of the water. All this gives an album full of synthetic chiaroscuros, an hypnotic melancholy streaked by brilliant pulsations.

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Jessica93 - S​eul Contre Tous

First Jessica93 Maxi LP Reissue: Seul Contre Tous – His Manifesto!

When innocent psychism meets algebra of need. When Hell becomes a white jail of blissful joy.

Listen and order here.

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Mad Masks - Self titled

Peripheral Minimal is proud to present the début physical album by mysterious French act ‘Mad Masks’

‘Mad Masks’ originate from the French Alps, and consist of members ‘Zio Voodoo’ and ‘Dominique Stela’. The band started in 2013 to record music inspired by dark soundtracks.

Their sound is a mélange of slowly moving atmospheric heavily processed guitar and looping continuous drum-machine, with darkly Gothic overtones. Think of early recordings on cult UK label 4AD, combined with chilling post-punk dirges, and you’d be halfway there. ‘Mad Masks’, are a genre onto themselves perhaps, as direct categorisation would be near impossible. The accompanying videos to their tracks are from obscure or forgotten Horror films from the 1960s / 70s, occultism, religious fanaticism and fantastical mythical creatures feature heavily, betraying their influences. The album is sure to find itself becoming a cult classic and a must-have for anyone into unsettling and uneasy music.

The album is limited to 200 copies housed in a jewel-case and comes with two badges.

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