Metal Disco - In Motion

Metal Disco & Incirrina join forces to deliver an adventurous work of fiery synth lines adorned by the exquisite vocals of Incirrina’s vocalist Irini Tini, contains also a powerful remix by Stutter Monk!

CD / Digital Album

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Toxic Razor - Selections

Here’s a selection of tracks from projects in which Toxic Razor was involved.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Eerie Sopor - The Plague That Lingers On The Plains

After a two years break, Eerie Sopor is back with a new 5-track EP.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Vanity Drum - Recreation

Almost three years after the debut ‘A Bygone Memory’ album, the Greek minimal synth project Vanity Drum, returns with a brand new 5-tracks EP.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Metal Disco – Clublife

Metal Disco is the solo project of Toxic Razor of Paradox Obscur.

Nothing is disclosed from behind the wall of misinformation and masked anonymity Metal Disco present to the world.

Digital Album

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