Figure Study LP

Dark Entries is proud to present the debut album by Figure Study, a contemporary band from New York. Figure Study is the Manhattan-based duo of Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara. They formed in 2009, after meeting through the Wierd Records weekly party, where they would play their first concert soon after. While their debut 7″ contained two songs recorded in 2009, this full length contains all new material recorded throughout the past year.

For their debut self-titled album, Figure Study utilizes a carefully tailored set up of vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines. Figure Study creates a lush sound where haunting vocals echo over dark melodies that reflect an isolated and disintegrating world. Songs flux between dissonant dance numbers and more sparse, somber compositions, each carrying a sense of urgency and modernism. Figure Study’s sound includes influences from such early underground artists as Kirlian Camera, Nine Circles, and The Actor.

The album was recorded in their small Chinatown studio using a sparse set-up of analog synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers. It was mixed at The Wave Lab in Brooklyn by AJ Tissian and mastered for vinyl at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley by George Horn. Each LP is packaged in a specially designed jacket and includes an insert with lyrics. Figure Study draw their own model using shapes and forms from the synthetic landscape.

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Saralunden - Suggestive Boy

Among many other things Saralunden proves to be a dismal disco star… on this EP she sounds like a stripped down and darker counterpart of Sally Shapiro…

Presenting moody and sexy music which is in some ways similar to the italo influenced stuff Chromatics is doing… and with the same twisted erotic vibe of Pulp…

This is dirty disco and we like to dance to it… and make out on it…

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This is the sound of Belgian 80′s nightclubs re-energized for the current scene… from dancefloor to darkroom… it is all here…

Dark, dirty, raw and sweaty… for bodies to move on and minds to loose… in the strobelights… and beyond… no more words… just beats and…

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Medical Records presents the release of its first contemporary artist with the Paris-based Illustration Sonore (I/S). The duo, consisting of Dasz (also in Dolina and Ame De Boue) and Christina (aka Froe Char), expertly craft dark and atmospheric songs laced with unbridled passion in the context of synth-laden melodies, dominant percussion and pensive vocals.

I/S started in 2010 and have played many concerts in Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy. I/S uses variations of electricity to control oscillators and frequency modulations. Best described as synth-gaze, dark-wave, or no-future pop, I/S recorded this full length LP in 2013. The opening track “Ulysses,” sets the mood with uncompromising intensity and passion with serious low frequency tones and catchy synth drenched hooks. The dreamy and brooding “Our Bodies” starts the B side and is a definite standout tracks. The wonderful and melancholy pop track “Flying Lights” is also included on the LP and was previously featured on the lovely compilation “Circuit D’Actes 3” on the French La Forme Lente imprint earlier this year. The relentlessly apocalyptic “Cannibals” is yet another magnificent track worth mentioning here.

For fans of EBM/synth-heavy industrial crossover, lovers of Cabaret Voltaire, Chris and Cosey, modern synth-wave and the like, these tracks will not disappoint. I/S has no fetishism for the old nor obsessions for the new, and they draw their inspiration in synth pop and surrealism.

Presented on high-quality 180gram ultra-clear heavyweight vinyl. Features bonus LP insert with lyrics. Front cover design by Temple Vengeance. Limited edition.

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Odessa 7”, A Kind of Ghost LP, Elyzium for the Sleepless Souls LP and Congrès de Vienne/Saison Froide split 12”Back and happy to inform you about the availability of 4 new references, well-calibrated for the due pleasure of french cold-wave connoisseurs! Four phases towards the ice age:

Elyzium for the Sleepless Souls – Everything Fades LP
First ”foreign” release by a surprising early 90′s duo from Luxemburg, so close to french vibrations.

Congrès de Vienne/Saison Froide – ”Figé dans le marbre…” LP split
The so confidential but nonetheless mythic band finally on vinyl format, sharing the plate with Saison Froide, prolongating the myth.

A Kind of Ghost – Diseased LP
Throbbing, both rhythmic and dark, for all fans of sounds à la Lively Art, Mary Goes Round..

Odessa – s/t 7”
Two unreleased archives from 1983, dedicated to joyless disenchantment.

Each edition strictly limited to 300 copies.

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