Dmitry Distant ‎- Cold

Dmitry Distant is a Latvia based music producer and animal rights activist who is working in versatile music genres and devoted himself to mystic sides of electronic music and exploration of subtle worlds. Founder of Electronic Leatherette and Heretic Electro labels, Electriga events and Synthposium.

7″ / Digital Album

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Lower Tar - Abstract Parasite

Lower Tar is the experimental techno project of Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist, Ori Ofir. Formed in 2016, Lower Tar has released albums on Ascetic House, Ecstatic Recordings, and Night Gaunt Recordings. Ori has collaborated with Silent Servant on a duo project called Sterile Hand. Ori also co-runs the party/label L.A.U.R.A. as a new avenue that focuses on bringing the Los Angeles electronic community together. As an Israeli-American of Arabic descent, Lower Tar is a project that explores the complex power structures that revolve around identity and what it means to be critical of a society while still maintaining a sense of self.

“Abstract Parasite” is Lower Tar’s debut for DKA. Recorded between 2018-2020, it combines 8 tracks of Ofir’s mix of hard hitting EBM, industrial, and spaced out electro. Inspired by the works of Mark Fisher, each track explores the systems that hold us back while trying to envision a way to rupture this omnipresent hold and cyclical complacency.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Psychedelic Headshot - The Single 2019​-​2021

Psychedelic Headshot is a minimal / cold wave / industrial solo project from Germany that has been active since 1994.

Digital Album

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Mind I Matter - Staring at The Void

We are proud to present our 11th tape, courtesy of Paris-based artist Théo Ferretti. Coming from his gothic and post-punk roots, the project aims to fuse these influences with shades of electronic body music, martial techno and mystic industrial music, blending together darkness, poetry, existentialism and modern day brutalism.

Questioning the duality between the material and the immaterial, the past and the present, the sacred and the cursed, M I M’s sound is severe and transcendent while remaining danceable and cathartic. Staring at the Void -his third EP- is the logical following to all of these topics, a dive into the abyss of the human subconscious through haunting basslines, rains of metal hits, screams of despair and liturgical chants.

Joining forces to Théo’s release, we have the pleasure to present three remixes of the EP, courtesy of England’s Randolph & Mortimer, our Toulouse’s Arabian Panther and from UVB’s side-project Elements of Joy, which presents his first remix under this alias.

Digital Album

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Compilation of 2 EPs by Russian coldwave duo from Smolensk.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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