Equinoxious - Celukaos

Rogelio Serrano’s creative work is focused on the sound and rhythmic design carried out using analogue synthesizers and eurorack modular system, inspired by the landscapes and high-speed vehicle trips, the interferences, organic and non-organic different social dystopian settings.

Digital Album

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Steffi und die Rhumbas - Live ElectroElectro

Live Recording from the ElectroElectro Festival of may 2022 in Munich, Germany.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Incirrina - Lip Led Scream

Dark electronic/minimal synth duo from Athens, Greece.

Lip Led Scream is the 2nd studio album by Incirrina . It features 10 songs which were written during a painful period for all of us – personally and globally speaking – and at the same time in a state of rapture. Our lips felt tightly closed. We wanted to scream, to turn scream into expression not just as a way out but as a way to understand. To react against but also to respond to a feeling of internal chaos, helplessness and fear of a world collapsing outside.

Solitude, violence, despair, social injustice, biopolitics, but also love, humaneness and coming of age are the main themes of the album.

LP / Digital Album

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Synth Synth Romantico - Synth Synth #4

Italo disco / synth wave from Bretagne, France.

Digital Album

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Skelesys - Epsilon

Skelesys is a solo synth wave project from Berlin, Germany.

His sound could be defined as haunted and effective, the result of a delicate and neat mixture of marked basses and guitar riffs always accompanied by thriller melodies and subtle grooves surrounded by darkness with a stripped down futuristic vibe.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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