Ostseetraum - Mondmenschen EP

Five new Ostseetraum songs can be heard on Mondmenschen EP.

This time you can also hear a real drum kit, a bass guitar. A guitar is also included. In one of the songs you can also hear synths and a drum machine. In the first song you are not seen and in the second song you are trapped. In the third song you are a moon man and there is no more pain. In the fourth song you are empty and the little people are spreading in the last song.

Die Mondmenschen EP as 7″!!!

7″ / Digital Album

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The Drin - Down River In the Distance

Made by Dylan McCartney at the attic in the village by the cemetery with ancient tapes, several drums, two or three synthesizers, a bass guitar, shakers of a few sizes, a cowbell, a century old bugle, a broken melodica, two tambourines, the “thing”, a harmonizer, a destroyed contact mic, barely functioning buzzing amplifiers, sounds of the 1401, two warped electric guitars, a hand drum from my late uncle Gordon, a computer on the brink of a fatal crash, consumer grade microphones, a truculent flanger, a few bottles of ouzo, a bevy of self-induced paranoid delusions, bridges between Cincinnati and Kentucky, the companionship of a frightful cosmic tale, the solitude of the forsaken spot, vivid and visceral nightmares, red lights, night rides and poisoned air.

LP / Digital Album

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More Ephemerol - Fertile Energy

More Ephemerol is the expressionism of lone programmer and synth obsessor Chad Fjerstad. Colorful arpeggios, blippy bass lines, brick-like kick drums, razor sharp vocoders, and sizzling synth leads sculpt out More Ephemerol’s sterile sound.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Fettkakao 50

This compilation is the release #50 from Fettkakao, a minimal / experimental / post punk label based in Vienna, Austria.

7″ / Digital Album

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Staatseinde - Fehlerlinie

Medical Records is honored to release the first full LP by Dutch cosmic explorers Staatseinde. Formed in 2006, Staatseinde have released a multitude of cassettes, singles as well as a CDR album in 2012. “Fehlerlinie” represents the culmination of a very productive couple of years including stellar performances at the streaming IFM Fest, the release of compelling collaboration tapes and other releases. Though impossible to confine to a single genre or style, their music can be described as a captivating fusion of electro-pop, electro-clash and robotic punk/wave. Each and every track carefully chosen for this LP is a dancefloor ripper. Plug in enjoy the journey.

LP / Digital Album

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