Your favorite nostalgic summer hits covered by some gothic electronic outsiders! Including: Dragostea Din Tei, Obsession, Bailando, Vamos a la playa, Besame mucho…

This tape should bring some good old sunshine reminiscence in this new area of accelerated climate catastrophy…

Cassette / Digital Album

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Gorsedd FM ‎– Nos Wyl

This project began as a ritual black metal outfit, but has since taken inspiration form acts such as circle of ouroborus, key, and crooked necks, to create a unique sound melding post punk, dungeon synth, black metal and black wave.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Wladyslaw Trejo / Alexandre Bazin – Movida / Red Ochre

Wladyslaw Trejo is a Spanish musician forged in the underground scene and known for his roles with synthwave duo Slovenska Televiza. In his solo project, Trejo leans more towards his punk side whilst revealing an intimate side with no qualms about tearing the ribs out and exposing the soul, and the fears and evil that lurks in us all! A dark and psychotropic journey in the form of feverish electronics, with industrial rhythms and almost paranoid walls of sound. ‘Movida’ is a taster to a full length also on Polytechnic Youth in 2020.

Alexandre Bazin is a current member of the renowned ‘Groupe de Recherches Musicales’ (GRM), based in Paris, France. His work considers the sonic experience drawing on a rich mix of acoustic instrumentation and analogue synthesis.

7″ / Digital Album [free download]

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Pleasure Principle – Self-titled

Pleasure Principle is located somewhere within a triangle formed by Francis Bebey, Add (n) To X and Ludwig Von 88; it is a solitary race to the outside, an ode to the forward flight, a way to escape in the peaceful expectation of the great liberating flash. I often find myself dancing like a monkey who forgets the world when I record at night in my room, and I hope to provoke the same reaction in people.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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SARIN – Moral Cleansing

SARIN, the A/V industrial technoid electronics project of Emad Dabiri, releases his first ever full-length album Moral Cleansing on BITE. After debuting on the label last year with his Kuleshov Effect EP followed up by a collaborative 12” with Imperial Black Unit earlier this year, Dabiri advances his sonic identity by leaps and bounds through his application of subtle pop and electro elements with a greater focus on groove and melody, syncopated basslines, FM synthesis, and his signature cut-up sampling.

The album showcases SARIN’s core elements as one of the main influencers in the current EBM techno wave with his brutally minimal sequences and abrasive drum programming. He began operating as SARIN in 2013 in Toronto before moving to Berlin in 2014. Since then he has been actively touring the world with his live performances & DJ sets. A remix 12″ of select tracks from the album done by Broken English Club, Privacy, Teste, and Phase Fatale will follow in 2020.

LP / Digital Album

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