Soundtrack of Raging Rose

Dear wavers, a new friend label is born: DRAMES, will be dedicated to original soundtracks.

Here comes its first release, a vinyl LP for the movie CRACHE COEUR (eng: RAGING ROSE / pol: ZNAM KOGOŚ KTO CIĘ SZUKA) by Julia Kowalski.

The original music, made by her brother Daniel Kowalski (aka Dasz, aka Ame de Boue), is mainly electronic, sometimes with filtered guitars and/or voice.

The first side of the record offers a series of instrumental tracks with a lot of nostalgia, without hesitation to a few retro accents, inspired both by the genre cinema music of the late 70s and by the exacerbated romantism of the cold wave years.The second side is more eclectic and more rythmical, six dancefloor oriented tracks, with various influences like synth pop, dark electro or even black metal. The record however remains very coherent as a whole, this due precisely to what we cannot see here: the movie.

Last by not least, we have two additionnal tracks, one by Dolina, deeply cold, distant and aerial, and one by Villa Piégée, a kind of emo-future-pop hymn taken from the compilation “Palais Châlet” (2012 – Pneu records).

An intense and singular piece of synth music…

LP / Digital Album

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Strucktura - Statues Also Die

“Statues Also Die”… is the vinyl debut of the minimal synth / coldwave solo spanish project STRUCKTURA , a truly collection item, a pure gem for genre lovers, one-off pressing, catch it or dont regret later!

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Synths Versus Me - [SEEK] [TARGET] [DESTROY]

Synths Versus Me is Nico Cabañas and Vanessa Asbert, known as founders of the vinyl spanish label Oráculo Records. The band project started on late 2014 influenced by darkwave sounds produced with synthesizers but going through many different substyles as minimal synth, ebm, synthpop or italo-disco. Several releases/appearances came during 2015 and 2016, not only for their home base label Oráculo Records but as well for Mecanica Records (Poland), Cold Beats Records (Spain) and Seja Records (Netherlands).

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - Cold Lines

A great pleasure to present the debut album of one of the musical pillars within the minimal synthwave and dark electronics style in the world actually, who operates from his native Mexico being this one of the most influential countries within the Latin American scene called Stockhaussen “Cold Lines”.

LP / Digital Album

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Pyramid Club - Cyclic Obsession

Joining the Unknown Precept forces are C.G.I. Records’ label head Matthew Weiner teaming up with Christopher Daresta as Pyramid Club. Being known for their T.W.I.N.S. and Anticipation solo activities, ‘Cyclic Obsession’ comes as the debut release of the four-handed formation taking its name from the eponymous venue which helped define the counter-culture and queer sound of lower Manhattan in the late 70’s.

Recorded in their stronghold of Atlanta following a handful of tracks released via the jointly-operated D.K.A. Records, it shows the duo taking over primitive body music in its most physical and psychedelic dimension. Thick as a brick bass lines for the basement turmoil — reflecting the hazy vortex smoldering out of an ill-lighted nightclub. Think of spasmodic synth-driven tunes interspersed by convulsive vocals and throbbing snares, in which one could see the whites of the dancers’ eyes right before the lights turn back on.

12″ / Digital Album

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