Alice Gift - Alles Ist Gift

Emancipated from his bands Liste Noire and Velvet Condom, the Berlin based Franco-German singer-songwriter distills his confessions into Chanson-Noir and Noise-Pop. For the first time complete and alone in his lab Alice Gift now wants to decide on the doses on his own.

LP / Digital Album

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A Skeleton Key in the Doors of Depression

Here’s a collaboration between Youth Code, an EBM / Industrial duo from Los Angeles and Kind Yosep, a producer from Portland.

Digital Album

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Autumns - Dyslexia Sound System

Autumns Meets Post-Punkers Uptown. A couple of years after the Dyslexia Tracks EP, and following a volley of killer releases on labels such as Ideal, Death & Leisure, and Opal Tapes, Autumns returns to Touch Sensitive with perhaps his most complete set to date. Pitching down the BPM but maintaining the intensity of his recent recorded output and incendiary live shows, Dyslexia Sound System sees Christian Donaghey turn the edit on himself with a grip of eight dub-wave zingers.

Pulling from his love of On-U Sound, The Pop Group, and Public Image Limited, Dyslexia Sound System perfectly fuses dubbed-out dynamics with the tough and unrelenting electronics that has become Autumns’ signature sound. Guitars squall, clarinets skronk, vocals echo, roto-toms repeat, and – as always with Autumns – rhythm is king. Dyslexia Sound System is the sickest handbrake turn in Autumns’ relentless and wired journey to date.

LP / Digital Album

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Autumns - A Life Has No Glory

Arcane and macabre outset for Autumns’ side “A Life Has No Glory”; “Be Desire”s vocal is indeed creepy solemn and sets the mood very vividly.

It continues with 2 with crushingly glacial heavy tunes that captures the Irish artist in constant flux. Ruthless but always occult-oriented; twilight tracks that confirm Autumns’ great traits: eerie industrial visions, with heavily post-punk ascending. Signs his side with “Found It”, frantic incantations erupted by a fierce and inexorable snare; and the composition becomes even epic.

Autumns’ side, sets up a lugubrious environment, a boundless night that will not be long in assuming mystical connotations. A5, is the crowing glory, delivered by Exhausted Modern covering an injected electro remix of “Be Desire”, such a broadening of the stylistic palette of the Prague’s artist. It’s a deep melodic twist which leaving the sceptre of the Todtentanz-danse ritual, destined to unite in a total, almost metaphysical oxymoron.

Digital Album

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Sed Blava - Nit Sublim

Sed Blava is the Barcelona-based solo project of Daniel Boix, well known as Dj.Simplexia or also Ciutat Solitud, his ambient-industrial project.

“Nit Sublim” is his first album as producer and without a doubt, this release is a mind-blowing and genuine composition which at first listen, may evoke the dark sounds from Valencia in the 80′s. But if you dive deeper, you will uncover a trove of intricate details elaborated with Sed’s touch. Ranging from catchy tunes and emotive passages to powerful dance-floor tracks, his vast music background and his long-time membership to the underground music scene should be highlighted. Both of these elements give rise to a broad spectrum of genres and influences in his music, bringing together a timeless mixture of old-school Electronic Body Music, New-Beat, Electro, Synth-Wave and even Ambient.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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