If Hsilgne Nekorb Ni (aka HNN) has only released one single album in 2011 (La Forme Lente) titled ‘Pièce Radiophonique’, and also a split 12″ together with Philippe Laurent released on Electric Voice Records (featuring Jeff & Jane Hudson), mastermind Gregg Anthe is not a new comer. For proof, look at the tracklisting of the remixes album of ‘Pièce Radiophonique’ : In Aeternam Vale, ADN’Ckrystall, Das Ding, In Trance 95, Kas Product or Bonjour Tristesse.

The gratefulness of his peers. Since 1995, he is active in Morthem Vlade Art and In Broken English with Yannick Dangin Leconte. The man with the sharp dark look is single-minded and run his HNN project with Emmanuelle Desmonts-Roudgé on the path of a synth-pop influenced by Kraftwerk and also by the great French minimal synth tradition enmbodied by Jacno. Here is his 2nd album ‘L’Île Nue’ with artwork signed by Moonassi.

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Cute Heels - Spiritual

Cute Heels is the solo project of Victor Lenis, a contemporary artist living in Brussels, Belgium. He grew up in Bogotá, Columbia during the 1990s, surrounded by the radial punk scene. He has been working with many electronic projects since 2003. He manages the label Black Leather Records, which is also a regular party with live acts and DJ sets. Over the years, Victor’s passion and fascination for synthesizers and drum machines to produce and compose resulted in various digital-only releases as well as his first vinyl release, an EP on Gooiland Elektro. Cute Heels is ready to release their debut album “Spiritual” of all new material written throughout 2013.

“Spiritual”, rides the line between cold electro-techno and left field electronic body music. Inspired by equal parts Liaisons Dangereuses and Drexciya, “Spiritual” takes the listener on a journey over 8 tracks and 40 minutes of music. Cute Heels has been called ”the new blood and spirit for the next step in techno music” by electro/techno pioneer Juan Atkins. Listening to “Spiritual” you can see why. The songs on this full length reveal a sublime influence from Detroit techno, early Chicago house and new wave. Advanced electronics for the dance floor, pumping and sophisticated.

The album was recorded and mixed by Victor at Sensorium Studio in Zagreb, Croatia in November 2013. Each song has been mastered for vinyl at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley by George Horn. Each LP is packaged in a custom-made jacket by our in-house designer Eloise Leigh and incorporates the geometry of analog synthesizers and celestial rose patterns.

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Sie Hat Schenkel Wie Godzilla - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Limited edition of 300 copies, 180gr. coloured vinyl blue/black marbled, hand numbered, big movie poster, 12 bands play the soundtrack of this wonderful rare movie! ORIG. MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK!

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Seacrypt - Seekers

Seacrypt is:

  • Michael Buchanan : Synth, Guitar, Rhythm
  • Chelsea Friedman: Synth, Voice, Bell
  • Paul Sutfin : Synth, Voice, Flute, Horn

Includes poster/lyric sheet. Black vinyl with black inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies, no repress.

Listen here and order here.

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Single Lash - Soft As Glass

Single Lash is reverb-drenched Austin, Texas outfit whose distorted tones emanate from a deep, opaque chamber. Their newest single, “Soft As Glass,” sounds like a nearly industrial take on the dark shoegaze of their earlier material. Indiscernible vocal chants drift amidst a cold, mechanical landscape before fading into nothingness.

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