Synthetic Soundscapes of Modern Urban Morality Chapter 2

Two years after the successful “Synthetic Soundscapes of Modern Urban Morality” compilation, Geheimnis Records is happy to announce its follow-up, by releasing “Synthetic Soundscapes of Modern Urban Morality / Chapter 2”. The spirit remains the same. New bands, artists, projects that are for the most part, in the early stages of their dreams. Some of them have already released their music on vinyl, but for the majority, this is their first time seeing their music imprinted on an official music format, such as a 12’’ vinyl LP. Since Geheimnis Records is based in Greece, 5 of the bands/artists come from this country, while 4 bands come from Europe. In particular:

“Misfortunes” come from Thessaloniki, Greece and is a one man-project. Ioakim Vasiliadis is the person behind the synths. He started back in 2014 and his affection for the 80’s analogue revival can be clearly heard through his compositions. This is his very first time on vinyl with two songs “Λέω Να Το Βάλω Κάτω” (“I wonder if I should give up”) and “In The Streets Of Our City”.

“Dislocation Genders” is a duo project which also comes from Thessaloniki, Greece. Nick K. Maldoror is familiar to analogue synth enthusiasts all over Europe, since he was the one half of the late great “Human Puppets”. He has been collaborating with George D. since 2012 and this is the first time a song of theirs is released to the public.

“Doric” of course is already familiar (Stathis Leontiadis – the other band member of “Human Puppets”) having already released the majority of his work on vinyl. The last couple of years he has had a closer collaboration with the fashion-designer-icon-singer Valisia Odell (Phoenix Catscratch, Strawberry Pills, Father Breath) who has given a more operatic and “cursed” aspect to his analogue-synth based music. The song included here, is very typical and reflects their good chemistry.

“Neon Lies” is the one-man project of Goran Lautar who hails from Zagreb, Croatia. He started his solo project in 2015 and released a tape-album in October 2016. Haunted, whining vocals blended with lo-fi minimal synth sounds. The 2 songs that are included in this compilation are his first releases on vinyl. “Whispering Sons” are from Brussels, Belgium and last year released one of the most promising albums of the post punk alternative genre, “Endless Party”. Their guitar-based music incorporates dark and atmospheric elements mixed with anguished and nervous vocals that give an exceptional tone of well-balanced post punk. The song included on this compilation, first appeared on their debut LP.

“Tisiphone” come from Lyon, France. The 3-member band is also a guitar-based act, dark and gloomy with a steady bass line, heavy rhythm section and a distinctive guitar. Last year they released their self-titled debut cd and their contribution here is from that album.

“Mitra Mitra” is the brain-child of Mahk Rumbae and Violet Candide. They are based in Vienna, Austria and have been together since 2014. Mahk is a member of the “Oppenheimer MKII” project and “Konstruktivists”, as well as the “Codex Empire” solo techno project.

“Violet Candide” originally hails from New Zealand. The version of their minimal/electro song “Opportunity” is available only on this compilation.

“RATS” is a duo project, from Thessaloniki, Greece. Elias Papadopoulos has been collaborating with Iro since 2015 and they are heavily influenced by witchhouse, dark wave and industrial sounds. Last year they released a cd-album which received many good reviews from various webzines and music portals.

Last but not least, “Paralogik” are the brain-child of Eugene B. (already familiar with his project included in our “No Radar” compilation, “Etherial Movement”) already conceived in 2014. With the help of Nick L. they have created a music hybrid, heavily influenced by dark-electro with more harsh and aggressive elements. Their work is released here for the first time.


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Circa Tapes - Love And Venom

Third full length album by Circa Tapes (solo project of Adam Killing of Kill Memory Crash). Following excellent previous releases on Romance Moderne and DKA, this third album displays the evolution of Killing’s spot on ability to masterfully blend dark early 80s synth, industrial and cold wave into a completely new entity. Much heavier and wonderfully darker, this LP will appeal to fans of classics like Cabaret Voltaire and Skinny Puppy, as well as cutting edge EBM contemporaries such as Broken English Club, Boy Harsher and other cold wave / industrial hybrids.

LP / Digital Album

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I Killed Techno - From The Mask To The Grave: The Worst Hits

Imagine a world where Wild-man Fischer invented Screamo … at the same time as his girlfriend invented Chip-tune ….. and every night the 6 o’clock news its just a montage of zombie/slasher horror flicks…and dinner everyday was a Big-Mac, with KFC on Sunday if you were lucky. It ain’t that much of a stretch…

Welcome to the world of I Killed Techno!!

Digital Album

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Police Des Moeurs - Dédales

Montréal synth pop Police des moeurs are one of the finest and rawest bands in the minimal synth/wave and cold wave scene. ‘Dédales’, their third full lenght, is keeping the pure energy of their previous efforts while leaving greater room for atmospheric and textural considerations. The album will lead you into the passage zone between civilisation and wilderness, a mysterious place where truth, lies, light and darkness collide.

LP / Digital Album

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Night School Records: The Modern Institute

For The Modern Institute’s self-titled first vinyl document, the practices of audio technicians Richard McMaster, Laurie Pitt and James Stephen Wright are brought into sharp focus, the initial analyses of a project which examines the rituals of performance, the signifiers of bourgeois culture and the absurdities inherent in the middle class art gaze. While undoubtedly disturbing in execution, it’s a succinct reminder of the tension between lazy, electronic music tropes and the essential, quizzical attitude frequently lacking in the technoid culture yet abundant in Glasgow’s agent provocateurs.

Seen through the frame of primary music generators McMaster and Pitt’s previous music projects – Golden Teacher, General Ludd – The Modern Institute’s recorded output is an oblique, strategic examination of rhythm and the spaces between. Rhythm is often re-defined and re-formed through out The Modern Institute, with the easy 4/4, communally cohesive beats of the Teacher and the Ludd some way off.

Opener Black Blood is a case in point, with a elusive pattern providing a warped, skeletal framework for Wright to smother. The atmosphere is austere, aggressive, clinical as a gallery wall after the exhibition has failed. The yawning, sub-bass of False Beards and Diamond Hooves hacks at the exhibition floor opening up punishingly alien chasms. The narrator’s deadpan poesy, battling against the brutalist backdrop, reminds the listener of early industrial pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, not least in the unmistakably northern accent. Side A closes out on the first attempt by The Modern Institute to break into a recognizable pattern, though rendered on Destroy Logic as a dry destruction of a Bashment rhythm. Arabic Eight is nightmarish, a Normal deconstruction of art music. A nonsensical, dadist mutation of electronic dance music, Intelligent Dance Music with no intelligence, dance or Music. Wright intones “when I was younger you used to say you weren’t in it for the money,” taking down conceptions of artistic integrity, inspiration and muse. On Springloaded, we’re still deep in an alien lifeform’s insides, viewing the tropes the art industry uses to sell itself, splashes of digital distortion and burps crossfiring across the stereofield. Shiver And Quiver ends The Modern Institute, sounding like all the cities’ alarms simultaneously set off to the beat of the LPs only 4/4 beat, here juddering and unnaturally fast. Ask questions, just don’t ask for answers.

LP / Digital Album

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