South Heights - After Darkness Falls

Here’s the first release from South Heights, a dark electronics project from Glasgow, Scotland.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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Silent EM – The Absence

Jean Lorenzo, known as Silent EM, fell into his solo project by chance. He had played guitar and bass in post-punk and punk bands but in 2010 he found, upon his transition to a new city, that he could create music singularly with synthesizers and drum machines. His songs explore themes of disillusion, disappointment with religious views, war and lost love utopias. The influence of 1980s French coldwave and post-punk is apparent in his craft.

LP / Digital Album

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Staatseinde ‎– Dreiheit

A long, long time ago an extraterrestrial music companionship landed on planet earth and decided to adopt the conformation of mankind and soon started creating music. Ten years later, after several crew changes and after sending their ship back home with the last separating extraterrestrial the two remaining members decided to stay on earth and become fully humanoid. The band discribes their music as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’, taken from the German ”Neue Deutsche Welle” genre. Their music follows a similar pattern as the NDW which originally derived from punk rock and new wave. The early band had a punk attitude and were highly influenced by rock and wave. The NDW has come to be acknowledged as a forerunner of electroclash, one of the styles the band was influenced by in their later days which also includes indietronic, digital hardcore and 90’s dancemusic. Since the departure of drummer Doctor Slacht-Zeuger and Frau Umlaut a new era with an even more electronic approach including sequencing and drum programming will be deployed.

EP / Digital Album

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She Past Away ‎– Disko Anksiyete

It’s been almost four years since the release of the band’s sophomore album “Narin Yalnızlık”. Since then Turkish duo has established themselves as one of the most influential and successful genre-defining acts throughout the World. Already having scored numerous crowd-puller performances all around the world, She Past Away now graces the audience with a beautifully dark and driving new album “Disko Anksiyete”.

Experimenting old-new aesthetic of synth music into their core guitar stuff, She Past Away surveys a sound, a look, and a sensibility which will sweep the audience through a dense, continual, epic trip. “Disko Anksiyete” drags the band into a somber yet piercing mood than usual, mocking up modernist fears and doubts in their iconic 80’s influenced sound with songs about dancefloor anxiety, desperation, and dilemmas.

The album offers 10 songs with well-crafted synth lines, calmly echoing vocals and liquid guitar melodies in an emotional build sparkling through the foreground. Across soul-crushingly intense and wistful songs and odes in Turkish lyrics, the band also depicts their music in Spanish with “La Maldad” – which is the band’s first ever Spanish song.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Swesor Bhrater ‎– Sang Lié

Swesor Bhrater is a mysterious act, the personnal project of V-Y, also a member of BRUTA NON CALCULANT, playing an enigmatic mix of folk, cold electronic music and haunting experimentations. SB just released its first album on Hieratique Records, and previously appeared on the Minnesang compilations (Octroi Records). Brannten Schnüre is an experimental dark folk group out of Würzburg, Germany. Christian plays the accordeon and in some songs guitar and flute. Inspired by hierophants like Novy Svet and David Jackman, solemn song fragments (a lot of old greek rembetiko-recordings) are modified and looped, with additional instruments and voices being integrated later on. His music has been described as “surreal folkcollage” and “German hauntology”. []


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