Black Marble ‎– Bigger Than Life

When Chris Stewart set out to write and record his third album as Black Marble, he was newly living in Los Angeles, fresh off a move from New York. The environment brought much excitement and possibility, but the distance had proved too much for the car he brought along. With it out of commission indefinitely, he purchased a bus pass and planned his daily commute from his Echo Park apartment to his downtown studio, where he began to shape Bigger Than Life. The route wound all through the city, from the small local shops of Echo Park to the rising glass of the business district, to the desperation of Skid Row. The hurried energy of the environment provided a backdrop for the daily trip. When Stewart finally arrived at his studio, he’d look through his window at the mountains and the sky, seeing the beauty that makes L.A. unique — the same beauty his fellow commuters, some pushed to the edge of human endurance, had seen.

That was the headspace he was in when he began to map out the syncopated drums and staccato arpeggiation of Bigger Than Life, an ode to his new condition and a shimmering synth-pop response to its cacophony.

LP / Digital Album

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Popsimonova ‎– After The Fall

Electronic Emergencies celebrates its fifth anniversary with ‘After The Fall’, by Croatian dark electro queen and style icon Popsimonova.

Cult classic ‘Drive’ was remastered especially for the clubs by Rude 66, who also made a DJ edit of ‘Dark Star Crashes’, the collaboration of La Popsimonova with Italian queer heroes Hard Ton.

Bosnian producer Borgie remixed ‘Break and Enter’ and ‘Delete Yourself’ into energizing, pounding dance floor killers.

12″ / Digital Album

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Poupard – Nous Avons Joué Tous Les Deux

The toddler Poupard is back in an unrestrained and shameless fashion. After the mental disorder of “Vésanie”, Poupard takes us into the freezing farandole of a Cinderella dancing in the middle of the mire.

“We both played” will leave beautiful traces of acid discharge on the bib of your boredom …

The scandalous album is now available from Distag Records in cassette format. The pretty fluorescent toy in its flowery case is limited to 40 copies.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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SRSQ ‎– Temporal Love / Unkept

SRSQ is the solo project of singer and songwriter Kennedy Ashlyn, the founding member of the bay-area dream pop duo Them Are Us Too. SRSQ’s pulse began after the loss of Kennedy’s closest friend and Them Are Us Too collaborator, Cash Askew, in the tragic Ghost Ship fire of 2016. Driven by this sudden, heartbreaking loss, SRSQ became the vehicle for Kennedy’s transformative process for her to explore nostalgia, reflection, and reconciliation, manifesting in the aural landscape of her 2018 debut album, Unreality.

It’s been a year since the release of Unreality and 2019 has taken SRSQ around the world, touring extensively with Black Queen and Uniform, sold out performances in support of Cold Cave and Godflesh, and upcoming tours in support of Torche and label-mates Drab Majesty. Amid performances and writing in preparation for her upcoming 2020 album, Ashlyn went into the studio with producer Jorge Albrecht, who mixed down two new tracks featured on the 7” single Temporal Love b/w Unkept.

Wrapped in ethereal gauze and dreamlike textures, what SRSQ presents on this single are undeniably love songs. Wrought with longing, Ashlyn commands on “Temporal Love”: “Kissing you once more could not erase the time, wishing it was the same as it ever was…” her ethereal, soprano-like voice weaving effortlessly through soaring electronics as if the structure of the song itself is her creative playground. Joined in duet by True Body vocalist Isabel Moreno, “Temporal Love” conjures images of heartbreak and a relationship dissolved – perhaps regrettably. The B-side, “Unkept” presents an almost ceremonial incantation channeling the likes of Lisa Gerrard’s finest moments. Stirring in echoes and reverb, Ashlyn emerges alongside a slow and steady beat – rising and building: “Speak softly, my love” to create the perfect counter-balance to the dreamy pop sensibilities of “Temporal Love.”

7″ / Digital Album

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Lunacy – Age Of Truth

Pennsylvania’s dark shadow figure, Lunacy, has been releasing music in small batches since 2016. After 4 EP’s and a compilation LP, the time for a debut album has come, the “Age of Truth” is upon us.

With such a broad span of music in such a short amount of time, Lunacy has been working on crafting a sound that people can identify with – equal parts lush noise and undertones of melody. Blurring the lines in between genres, exploring the realms of noise music with a reminiscent shoegaze feel to it and a psychedelic effect on the listener.

The ongoing theme in “Age of Truth” is coming to terms with the aging of mankind and the damage that the human race is responsible for. The Ripple is an effect or idea that one seemingly small factor that is wrong, or one small incorrect decision can have an effect that is both long-lasting and far-reaching. It is hard to take a step back and look to the future in such a fast-paced and instantaneous world, but even with such foresight and accountability now, it may be too late to undo what has been set into motion.

Listeners have expressed having a religious experience, out of body, or psychedelic experiences while listening to the music or seeing Lunacy perform live. Lunacy seems to step outside of just being an art project and stands as a symbol for what’s to come of humanity. The “Age Of Truth” is the signifier that you can only hide behind something for so long before it eventually defines you.

LP / Digital Album

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