Dame Area – Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo

Dame Area is an industrial tribal experimental duo from Barcelona. Imagine the past, remember the future.

EP / Digital Album

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Beau Wanzer – Do the Spider Shimmy

Hailing from Chicago, Beau Wanzer has carved out a singular voice in electronic music since debuting on the L.I.E.S. label in 2013. Wanzer’s music is not industrial, wave, electro, or techno – it’s a unique and twisted amalgamation of all that, and more. Crazy as it sounds, we at Suction Records have been sitting on this Beau Wanzer material since 2003. Back then Beau was working at Weekend Records And Soap — a Chicago hub for the city’s exploding electro scene — when Solvent and Lowfish rolled into town to perform at an Ersatz Audio label showcase. We met Beau at the shop and he gave us a 21-track CDR. We were instant fans, fast friends, and went on to the share the stage with him several times, well before he released his first records. That CDR contains these 6 tracks now released on 10”-vinyl as the “Do The Spider Shimmy” EP.

10″ / Digital Album

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Unidentified Man – Memoriam (Anthology 2014​-​2019)

Anthology 2014 -2019 collects 40 songs by Unidentified Man. A one man project from Belgium with a preference for analogue instruments and a strong DIY attitude.

This download contains all tracks from the quickly sold out first two cassettes’ Remedy For Melancholy & Dissociative Identity which are mostly Re-mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem (Absolute Body Control) @ Prodam-Berlin.

Other songs can be found in its original form, often live-recorded demos for which there was no time or desire to work them out.

Also present are the tracks previously released on Identify Yourself CD (Daft Records) , Memento Mori Vinyl Ep ‘Wool-E Disks ) & various compilations (Wool-E Discs, Walhalla Records, Daft Records, Sleepless Berlin, Wool-E Tapes, Cintas Triangulares, Tacuara records, Gonzo).

Digital Album

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The Hacker – Nancy

The Hacker needs no introduction. His 4-track 12-inch ‘Nancy’ on Electronic Emergencies finds him at his best – oscillating wildly from electro to new wave, his true musical roots. For the title track, he collaborated once more with post-punk hero Michael Zodorozny, vocalist of Crash Course in Science, resulting in a slippery wet dance floor killer. The three instrumental tracks have a gritty feel, breathing over the cold wave atmosphere.

12″ / Digital Album

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FOKKER – Citizen

Here’s the second release from FOKKER, a solo synth-pop project from an undisclosed location in the UK.

Digital Album

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