Veil Of Light - Front Teeth

The Swiss Zürich-based act comes back with their third full-length recording.

Not even one year after their latest Ursprung LP, Veil Of Light give us ten new songs that mark quite a change of direction. The black&white artwork of their previous releases is gone to give space to one bold, full-colour look. The guitar-driven shoegaze-oriented fuzzy sounds of past records make way for a new focus on the Electronic, Industrial Synth, EBM-Wave spectrum.

Check out the opener Your Love with its throbbing synths and mechanical drumming, or the pressing minimal-wave of Soul In Ethanol; again, Sturm Und Drang’s pounding industrial dance and Body To The Ceiling’s doom electronics.

A new wave of New Wave is here and Veil Of Light are showing the way.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Melania . - Rimorsum

Melania . is a techno / industrial / EBM / new wave / experimental / ambient solo project from Berlin.

Melania derived from Greek ”Μελαινα” – meaning “black, dark”. In Greek Mythology Μελαινα was one of the nymph of the sacred Korykian cave, presided over the subterranean spring.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Monomen 10th Anniversary (2007​-​2017)

MONOMEN 10 Anniversary 2007-2017 compilates the best tracks of the dissolved norvegian band MONOMEN on their acclaimed debut EP and Album “MONOMEN” released on 2007 by Trust Me Records. Pressed in vinyl for the very first time on real one-off limited edition.

12″ EP

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Blind Delon - Maniaque

DARK MEN RECORDS 03 is the second vinyl release of the french synthwave casanovas Blind Delon after their sold out debut on Oráculo Records, again a one-off pressing, catch it or dont regret later!

12″ EP

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Minimal Signals III

MINIMAL SIGNALS III presented on the brand new Oraculo Records sublabel DARK MEN RECORDS including minimal anthems by I Tpame I Tvrame (Albania), Wicked Crafts (Canada), Adam Tristar (Netherlands), We Are Not Brothers (Spain) and Ferdinand Cärclash (Colombia).

12″ EP

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