Neon Lies - Visitors - Ephemeral Meeting

Neon Lies is solo darkwave/minimal synth project of Goran Lautar from Zagreb, Croatia. ”Visitors” was commissioned for the MVP Project.

The awesome new single from Neon Lies, “Visitors” is a haunting, slow burner: The songs’ trajectory sketching the arc between losing and healing. The track builds up from a sparse beginning with an almost palpable sense of desolation, capturing the true essence and black heart of one of Post-Punks most hard working and creative artists.

“Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) is an incremental Compilation to be built over the year by Detonic Recordings. Each Month an on-line single will be published with an “A” and “B” side from each of the international artists participating in the project..At the end of the year the complete compilation (Vinyl and CD) will be released featuring the exclusive tracks from each contributor.

Digital Album

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Equinoxious - Límite Voltaico

Rogelio Serrano has spent most of his time in an mastery exercise over analog electronics, voltage controlled connections and sound design through subtractive synthesis in the last five years, since the consolidation of his project.

Limite Voltaico is a disinterested album of the benefits and weaknesses offered by today’s times virtual technologies (digital synthesizers, and virtual synthesizers) . It’s an immediate contact with the early 80s minimal electronics / minimal synth sounds, a more strong facet in accordance with the musical influences of the Mexican.

In collaboration with the well know and multifaceted minimal synth artist :Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscur) vocals on -Bakta- and the Brazilian singer: Juliana R. (Anvil Fx) on -Eclosão-.


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Mitra Mitra - Marionettes

Here’s the latest release from Mitra Mitra, a minimal electronic duo from Vienna, Austria.

Mini-LP / Digital Album

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Visonia - Fake Wings

A new heart-stopping piece of work by Visonia in which sadness, happiness, hopeful and desperation are in a continuous battle. As a result of this distress and ad nauseam the Chilean artist has asked himself about the sense of life and figured out how to look on the bright side.Doubtless,If we talk about “Fake Wings”,we could point out that this one is an epic and thought-provoking album composed of 6 wicked tunes and released on lovely pinkwhite vinyl.

12″ / Digital Album

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Another Cold World 2

Here’s a compilation from Cold Beats featuring NONE, Aus Tears, Paradox Obscur, Lola Kumtus, L’Avenir, Non Lieu, La Mécanique, A V G V S T, Vacant Stares, Palissade, Antidolby, Blind Seagull, Delayscape and The Detox Twins.

CD / Digital Album

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