Hyboid - Wired at Heart

Astro Chicken label boss Hyboid delivers his nod to the 80s-centric Synthwave craze. From catchy to new romantic, from stomping to sleazy, “Wired At Heart” has it all: Vintage drummachine beats, bubbling sequences, dreamy analog pads and sizzling synth leads. “Hyboid – Wired At Heart” is a synth-nerd’s wet dream cast in vinyl!

Now here’s the real deal: This package includes the “Wired Heart” Special Synth Gadget. Yes, your record comes with a little heart-shaped synthesizer that can be controlled via 8 touch-sensitive contact pads. The “Wired Heart” has six digital oscillators that interact in several different ways, controlled by your touch, your breath, moisture or any other conductive substance you put on the pads. The sounds are non-melodic and rather experimental. There’s even little extensions ports where you can connect LEDs and photo-resistors to open up even more possibilities for sound manipulation. It’s loads of fun! Driven by a CR2032 battery (not included) and connected via 3.5mm stereo mini-jack (the jack also serves as ON/OFF switch, so pull the plug to save battery life).

2 x 12″ / Digital Album

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Fashion Flesh - Withdrawn

Fashion Flesh is the solo-output moniker of John Talaga, based in Bay City, USA, whose music first came to our attention back in 2016 with the release of an excellent 7-inch on Detroit’s Est. ’83 Records. He should have been in the Radiophonic Workshop, but he was in the wrong place, wrong decade. Instead, Withdrawn comes as his first full-length album and makes up for the perfect introduction to Talaga’s synthesis of original and plasticized melodic collages. Birthed from the guts of homegrown exotic electronics and various audio devices built from one’s own design and heavily modified beyond audible recognition or return. From torn memories of pleasant dreams to plasticine free jazz sculptures, wavey electro cuts squealing like rubber tires and pop hallucinations, Fashion Flesh highlights the beauty of confusion and anxiety throughout the breathing and illusive meanderings of his tape manipulations and hard copy cut-ups.

LP / Digital Album

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Deadbeat - Lost Your Marbles- Playing The Game

Deadbeat aka Manus Norr comes from small town Nora in Sweden. Since the 80´s many projects have seen the light of the day because of the creative mind of Deadbeat. Most well-known might be the short lived project The Girl and The Robot together with Frl Plastique known for her work with Welle: Erdball who released an album in 2010.

For the first time, you can now listen to Deadbeat on good old vinyl. On the title track “Lost Your Marbles” Deadbeat collaborates with both Compute and Frl Plastique as lead singers. On the opposite side, you can find the previous unreleased track Playing the Game sung beautifully by Frl Plastique.

7″ / Digital Album

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Paradox Obscur - Artifact

Paradox Obscur are a category on their own. This time they return to offer us a mix of electronic beats that form a new order of things in the so-called modern minimal scene. With melodies that are capable of uplifting you while simultaneously preserving the epic element of the analog form, a steady value in the recording that comes from real-time engagement. Ten songs with rich sound for all the whimsical dark romantic minds. “Artifact” here is not a term, it is the way to turn it into a journey that otherwise begins and ends, making the 40 minutes of listening, in an oasis free of the usual boredom that prevails in today’s releases.

LP / Digital Album

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Group Rhoda - Wilderless

Group Rhoda is the solo electronic music project of Mara Barenbaum, based out of Oakland, California. The project started around 2009 with a debut album ‘Out of Time, Out of Touch’ in 2012 on Night School Records and ‘12th House’ in 2013 on Not Not Fun. She is also one half of Max and Mara who released the album ‘Less Ness’ in 2013 on Dark Entries Records. She is committed to live performance, situated within the analog synthesizer and drum machine medium.

‘Wilderless’ is Group Rhoda’s third full length and first for Dark Entries Records. Each of the these 7 songs draw forth tones of tropical darkwave and soft industrial; while negating the sound of conformity and control. The album explore themes of societal and spiritual displacement, contemporary serfdom, the depths of empathy, regeneration through destruction, and the tyranny of claiming recognition and power. Lyrics are poetically expressed through allegory and explore archetypes rooted more in abstract observation rather than hard line experience. Through transgression and imagination, Group Rhoda explores the arc of songwriting interwoven into stark electronic environments; and creates a bridge between the corporeal and the dream worlds.

LP / Digital Album

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