Tom Ellard - Publicist

Here’s the latest release from Tom Ellard, the mastermind behind Severed Heads, from Sydney, Australia.

Digital Album

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Nostromo - Greater Tension

Berlin based collaborative project of SARIN & Unhuman. Heavy analog bass lines fused with intricately woven percussion & samples to create brooding sci-fi horror dance floor killers.

12″ / Digital Album

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Fléau - II

Fléau is the solo project of Mathieu Mégemont (a.k.a Le Mage), also a member of the bands Year Of No Light, VvvV and AE.

New figure of Bordeaux synthwave scene besides Hord and Volcan, Fléau is coming out on Anywave with his first self-titled album: 7 titles with dark shades, composed exclusively on analog synthesizers dirtied into fuzz and drowned in spring reverb.

2 x LP / Digital Album

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Adam Usi - In Plastique Bloom

Would anyone manage to describe the sound of Adam Usi? The German is alone on stage with his keyboards. He can’t choose between clean vocals which strangely enough tend to sound like Richard Ashcroft, or screaming. Adam Usi impresses especially during the latter. A man who cries out his demons to the sound of minimal electro. Nice, not? It was so beautiful that we were dancing for an hour, far away from everyday problems.

LP / Digital Album

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Comforts Of The Future

After years of appearing in adapted context or under various guises (Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities), Iv/An decided to step out of his own shadows and continue apace under his (sort-of) real name.

LP / Digital Album

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