Now Wash Your Hands - Odds and Sods

Here’s the latest album from Now Wash Your Hands, the solo industrial / power-electronics project of Nathan Nothing from London, England. Contains tracks previously released on obscure compilations and probably only heard by ten people.

Digital Album

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Imperial Black Unit - Murder Under Establishment

Here’s the third release from Imperial Black Unit, an EBM / Industrial duo from Toulouse, France, now based in Berlin.

EP / Digital Album

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Venderstrooik - Crustacean

Venderstrooik is a mysterious collective of musicians, artists and performers, infamous for their wild live shows and guerilla view on today’s society. Crustacean is their first concept album, and showcases their musical depth – from future electroclash classics via experimental acid techno to melodic sensitive moments. The often explicit but always witty and profound lyrics give us a further peek into their dark souls.

LP / Digital Album

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Zoltan Freitag - Rewind The Future

With so much music being produced today, it’s easy for one thing to sound like another. But that is something that never comes to mind when listening to the synth of Zoltan Freitag. Never derivative, every moment of every track is filled with rich synth textures oscillating around dynamic tempos. This is synth to lift the heart, synth to luxuriate in.

Digital Album

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Tristán B. - Porcelain

Tristán B. is the one-man Synth Pop / Post-Punk project of Antonio R. based in Mexico City. Its sound is inspired by early 80s Synth Pop and Minimal Synth bands as well as the “Revival” sound of the current bands. The most of his songs are interpretations of ideas of philosophers like Byung-Chul Han or Zygmunt Bauman, emphasizing his concern for the current condition of “disposable” of human relations and therefore of individual in himself, leading him to self-exploit under the premise “Yes, you can” or “Do it”, as if his success or failure depended only on him and not on the social-cultural framework to which he belongs.

Cassette / Digital Album

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