Jake Schrock - Omnibus

Medical brings you a great release a long time in the making. Dallas analog synthesist Jake Schrock has been very active in the Texas music scene for many years with prior releases for S U R V I V E’s Holodeck label as well as performing in //TENSE//. With a literal arsenal of vintage equipment, Jake forges a wonderful, almost 80s soundtrack vibe with deep emotive washes and playful and gentle classic drum machine patterns and beats. Seven unreleased tracks meticulously chosen from the Schrock archive crossing and blending multiple genres (wave, kosmiche, new age).

LP / Digital Album

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Saint-Samuel - Keloid Clinic

Music Inspired by David Cronenberg’s Body of Work (1975-1981).

I have always admired David Cronenberg. Since I first saw The Fly and Videodrome in the late 80s, his work has always fascinated me. This album, though, is all about his early work; it’s all about movies that, IMO, should be discovered (or rediscovered). “Shivers (1975)”, “Rabid (1977)”, “The Brood (1979)” and “Scanners (1981)” are all incredible cinematic pieces that clearly represented the emergence of a very unique director with a very unique voice.

I made these tracks while these movies played in the background. It was one hell of a journey and a very joyful one. Hope you’ll dig it.

Digital Album

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En Direct ‎- A Shattered Frame

A Shattered Frame is second EP from En Direct, a minimal-electro / EBM project from Germany.

12″ / Digital Record

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Gwendoline - Après C'est Gobelet!

Gwendoline is the project from Micka (a.k.a. Mikoune) and Pierre (a.k.a. Daniel). Based in Rennes, musically influenced by the classic cold wave which originated in their country, precarious and aimless, they shape Gwendoline to their own image. Pure DIY ethics, quick recordings at their home studio. Dark lyrics, self-mockery, criticism, sarcasm derived from the world’s mediocrity.

“Après c’est gobelet!” is their first album. Melodic but dark, ironic but direct, sophisticated but absolutely minimalistic. A testimony of today’s world viewed under a grey prism of sarcasm and wrapped around beautiful melodies and rhythms.

LP / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge - Songs From a Dead England

Solo and collaborative electronic music project from London area with roots in Liverpool. This Is The Bridge explores a ‘primitive electronic’, DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers.

Digital Album

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