Sing Me Something Sinister

“SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER” is like a cinematic sound document from outer space. This compilation listens like a dark fairytale with a bright side where you can dance to. A story that starts with The White Container, in which desire and disappointment fight for priority. A theme that applies to the continuation of this album.

“SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER” is a musical document of desire, intrigue, aliens, unforeseen events and dark rituals. It takes us to the depths of the soul and beyond.

The atmosphere of this album has been masterfully translated by artist Mo Arab, with his painting ‘Domina Corvus’.

12″ / Digital Album

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No Time To Wax V​.​01

No Time To Wax is a compilation presented by Fernando wax & the bands, to support and promote the WAVES radio show, and released by Red Maze Records, both based in Brussels, Belgium. The curator, Fernando Wax selected released gems from favourite bands and artists in the wave / post-punk / synth / electro / ambient styles.

WAVES is a radio show broadcast on Radio Vibration in Brussels, Belgium. It is dedicated to new-wave, minimal synth, electro-wave, EBM, post-punk, etc. It is hosted by Fernando Wax, Phil Blackmarquis and Pierre Sensurround.

Digital Album

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Soft Riot – Taking Off The Edge

Taking Off The Edge is a digital single from 2019′s When Push Comes To Shove LP, which also contains two exclusive tracks from the album recording and mixing session. These tracks are “There Just Isn’t Enough Time II” and “You’ve Got The Brains To Figure It Out Yourself”.

Resonating with references from all corners of the synthpop’s origins, Soft Riot’s latest release nonetheless manages to retain its own individual voice, melding and reinterpreting its antecedents with a personal twist and an impressive demonstration of synth-craft and programming. Following on from 2018’s The Outsider in the Mirrors, these ten tracks represent a change in themes and an evolution in production and sound.

Digital Album

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Hausfrau – Trivial Pursuits

The eagerly awaited follow up to Hausfrau’s 2014 debut album ‘Night Tides’.

Recorded and mixed at Glasgow’s famous Green Door studio (Optimo, Golden Teacher etc), the Trivial Pursuits EP signals a shift towards a harsher yet more playful sound whilst maintaining the characteristic seductive melancholy of Hausfrau’s earlier work.

This release is the first by new Glasgow-based label Possession Records, founded by members of Hausfrau, Soft Riot, and Kaspar Hauser.

Cassette / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge – Interpolation

This is a collection of exclusive and reworked material, some of it from the previously released mostly digital editions. THIS IS THE BRIDGE debuted to great effect on 0.5 in 2012 with the eponymous mini-album which also marked a collaboration between Richard Anderson and Iv/An (at the time performing under the moniker I/II). Richard’s everlasting passion for recording results in a continuous run of collections of material, rich with cinematic quality.

CD / Digital Album

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