December - Night Of Nights

The newest offering on Pinkman Broken Dreams: Rough, noisy and cataclysmic machine music, seasoned with industrial and EBM influences, by Frenchman December. Every single bit as uncompromising and assertive as his previous output on Mannequin or Jealous God.

12″ / Digital Album

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Claus Comedi - La Historia De Tu Alma

Claus Comedi is the French duet behind Waving Hands.

Recorded at home in Porspoder (FR) during 2018 using Korg MS-20 & LP-10, Roland CR-8000 & TR-606, The Human Comparator SY-1 and Yamaha Portasound PSS-560.

7″ / Digital Album

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Unidentified Man

Memento Mori is a common project and collaboration between Unidentified Man and Francois Ducarn aka Chroma Carbon (singer of the french cold wave band Factice Factory and co-singer of the synth project Sine Silex).

Unidentified Man is an analogue synth project, founded in 2013 somewhere in Belgium. With no musical skills, but strongly encouraged by DIY ethics he starts experimenting with analogue instruments and a field recorder. His music is inspired by a wide range of electronic underground and pop music that flourished between the late 70′s to the mid 80′s… He released two cassette albums Remedy For Melancholy and ‘Dissociative Identity” (Wool-E Tapes) and a CD ”Identify Yourself” on Daft records and appeared on several compilations.

His collaboration partner in crime Chroma Carbon is the lead singer of Factice Factory, a french post-punk and cold wave project that released three albums so far, ”The White Days” (Manic Depression), ”Nada” (Holy Hour Records) and ”Lines & Parallels” (Wave Tension Records). He also collaborated to the band Sine Silex with the Greek singer Kriistal Ann and released one common album ”Schachmatt” (Werkstatt Recordings).

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Minimal Baby XII

A new great compilation with special and different mix of minimal electronic, cold synth wave, post punk and more newcomers from Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, USA, Belgium, England & Russia!


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Diskinesia - Amodal Completion

DYSKINESIA is an italian band focused on music experimentation. Since the beginning (late 2006) the band (2 guitars, drums) began to perform with a simple approach, focusing on sound and improvisation. The musical outcome was a very raw mixture of stoner/psychedelic genres (see “Live in Pripyat” – Varjot Prod. – 2007). In early 2008 the band grows (5 people), taking a more stretched out approach, exploiting the presence of vocals (very weird vocals made with delay and other machines) and bass guitar (also a very deep noise monster). Through the years, the band style embraced anoise/drone approach, with neverending repetitions and oppressive atmosphere. The first full lenght (self titled “Dyskinesia” – Frohike – Creative Field Rec. – Cold Current Prod. – 2008) is a proof of this shifting.

2010 has benn a very prolific period. The guys recorded a couple of split albums, with other great italian drone/ambient projects like “Corpoparassita” and “Gioventù Suicida Studentesca”, and prepared their second full lenght “Dalla Nascita”. These last three recordings, have been made with the collaboration of the sound master Camelio Cripta.

10″ / Digital Album

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