Prinzessin - So Far Away

If ever there was a perfect TONN Recordings sound, it would surely be Prinzessin. With its pin sharp minimal aesthetic layered over deep electronic undercurrents, addictive synth lines and a voice as rich as velvet, it was love at first listen.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Martial Canterel - Places We Think We Know

‘Places We Think We Know’ is a limited edition vinyl LP produced as part of Irish artist Mary McIntyre’s eponymously titled exhibition at Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2021. The compositions in this album have been produced by Martial Canterel in response to Mary McIntyre’s photographs and function as the audio component in McIntyre’s exhibition.

For the exhibition, ‘Places We Think We Know’, DCA commissioned a body of photographic work, which sees McIntyre explore ideas of interior space, both physical and psychological. Accompanying these photographic works, McIntyre constructed a series of installations that intersect the gallery space in different ways to create bespoke environments from which to consider each image.

The exhibition at DCA debuted a new suite of modular synth compositions by Sean McBride of Martial Canterel, made in response to McIntyre’s photographs. Within these new electronic compositions, unfolding connections between French Impressionism and cold analogue electronics are embedded with the augmented chords and harmonic structures of Ravel and Debussy.

As part of McIntyre’s installations, Martial Canterel’s music is audible in the gallery at different times of the day, further enriching the experience of moving through the exhibition and engaging with McIntyre’s work.

LP / Digital Album

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Madmoizel - Blue

Classically trained, MADMOIZEL draws upon many different influences, from post-punk to new-wave to neo-classicial. Known for her captivating live performances, her spectacular vocal and powerful machine driven beat, transform her synth into an irresistible dance floor encounter. Her recent TONN Recordings releases have firmly established MADMOIZEL as one of the most dynamic voices in synth today.

LP / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge - My Brutal World

One of the most important presences in British synth today, This Is The Bridge’s progressive, powerful synth is utterly distinctive and uncompromising in its vision. Every This Is The Bridge release on TONN Recordings brings us exquisite minimal synth delivered with poignancy and precision.

LP / Digital Album

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Intersection IV

TONN Recordings Special Anniversary Edition.

To celebrate, we are kicking off the new season of TONN releases with a collaborative album featuring a host of TONN’s artists who have produced a series of brand new tracks, specially created to feature some very special guest vocals.

This album, which will be the final instalment of our ‘Intersection’ series, features Crystalline Stricture, MADMOIZEL, This Is The Bridge, Ruzé, No, Misfortunes, LoveTheMachine, Fokker, Iv/An, Grimdeluxe, Prinzessin & guinæpig.

Digital Album

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