Intersection IV

TONN Recordings Special Anniversary Edition.

To celebrate, we are kicking off the new season of TONN releases with a collaborative album featuring a host of TONN’s artists who have produced a series of brand new tracks, specially created to feature some very special guest vocals.

This album, which will be the final instalment of our ‘Intersection’ series, features Crystalline Stricture, MADMOIZEL, This Is The Bridge, Ruzé, No, Misfortunes, LoveTheMachine, Fokker, Iv/An, Grimdeluxe, Prinzessin & guinæpig.

Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Pristine Gardens

With his infectious bass and poignant synth lines, interwoven with themes around the complexity of modern day living in an often impersonal world, Crystalline Stricture’s pure analogue sound is beautifully constructed and played from the heart.

Digital Album

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Oppenheimer MkII -  Out In The Field

Oppenheimer MkII is Andy Oppenheimer, singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of the ground breaking 1980s synth duo Oppenheimer Analysis and Mahk Rumbae, electronic musician & producer known for his work with Mitra Mitra and the notable UK industrial / experimental band Konstruktivists. Together as Oppenheimer MkII, they have been producing the most dynamic & addictive synth of the last decade.

7″ / Digital Album

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Iv/An - Sub​-​object

There is minimal synth and then there is Iv/An. In a class all of his own, with a voice like no other, full of depth and clarity of tone, Iv/An’s releases on TONN Recordings have brought us synth that is executed with exacting precision. Skilfully pared back to expose their inventiveness, each track is interwoven with thought provoking narratives that speak to us of the human condition.

LP/ Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge - World Without End

One of the most important presences in British synth today, This Is The Bridge’s progressive, powerful synth is utterly distinctive and uncompromising in its vision. Every This Is The Bridge release on TONN Recordings brings us exquisite minimal synth delivered with poignancy and precision.

Digital Album

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