Soloist Anti Pop Totalization - In The Beginning Of A New World

The cyclical rhythm that forms the architecture of Soloist Anti Pop Totalization, creates an unfaltering intensity played out in synth. His analogue machines weave an intricate texture of metallic sounds, that sharpen the ear and draw us into his compelling musical world.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Soloist Anti-Pop Totalization - Synth In Japan

Objetrouvé n°10, SYNTH IN JAPAN, is an invitation to travel within the emerging Japanese synth scene. A unique opportunity to discover the work of two non-standard personalities who each reinterpret and mix up the codes of synth in a very personal way.

Rikinari Hata, aka SOLOIST ANTI POP TOTALIZATION, from Tokyo, plunges his inspiration into a material reminiscent of industrial and experimental music. He builds fantastic electronic machineries, musical space shuttles that rustle with a thousand sound inventions and drag in their trail murmurs of dreaming robots. Based in Kobe, JIN CROMANYON, Hidetaka Horie’s musical double, embodies a sort of whimsical and truculent character who would have jumped out of a video game or anime to take over the dance floor. He creates synthpop gems as opening soundtracks for disquieting futuristic fables.

LP / Digital Album

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