Kurs Valüt - Self-titled

The second album „Kurs Valüt“ is the result of a long work that summarizes difficult stage of life experience inspired by solitude, austerity and extreme mental states. In comparison to the debut album „Veselo“ (2018) it is more melodic and metaphoric. Lyrics can be interpreted differently. Usage of a tube summing mixer during the studio processes adds a warm, non-commercial textured color to the sound of this release.

LP / Digital Album

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Rue Oberkampf - Waveclash

Inspired by cold wave and 80s dancefloor ecstasy, Rue Oberkampf have been creating audiovisual structures since the end of 2016. Their lyrics address emotional states shaped by forlornness and contemplation and take their influence from French fin de siècle literature. Rue Oberkampf create pieces between buildup, rapture and tranquility, transcending genre boundaries.

EP / CD / Digital Album

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Nina Belief’s long awaited follow-up!

Full length release in red or black vinyl.

Listen here and order here.

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Brand new minimal-wave in a pure old-school style that sounds really fresh. Didscodeath come from Italy and remind us a mixture of the influential Italian electro bands from the 80′s, such as Neon, Pankow and Limbo. Very dirty in your ear but also very danceable. This LP saw the light thanks to the collaboration of Hertz-Schrittmacher & No Emb Blanc labels.

Green transparent vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Listen here and order here.

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