No Emb Blanc: Nina Belief – Vessel Of Voices

Nina Belief - Vessel Of Voices

Vessel Of Voices” is the third full length album from the mind of Nina Belief, a Miami based female electronic artist hailing from Iran. The double LP contains 18 unreleased tracks, Including “The Last Time” (Automelodi Mix.)

After years of carving out her own method of songwriting, Nina Belief’s sound has become undefinable. She has zero allegiance to any one style of music, thus this release is a wild, eclectic sonic experience. Many of these hidden tracks remained dormant for over a decade and are finally available to the public.

“Tehran”, “Carrion”, “The Last Time” and “Come Alive” have already made headway with cinematic interpretations. Nina Belief draws on her global explorations, delivering doses of nostalgia, heartache and nightmares to her audience. She’s known for her collection of vintage analog synthesizers, yet machines take a backseat on this album. What cuts through are all the lost voices for which Nina herself is the vessel.

Listen carefully… This is their story.

2xLP / Digital Album

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