Pleasure Symbols - Self-titled

Pleasure Symbols from Brisbane, Australia is the post punk/synth duo project of Phoebe Paradise and Jasmine Dunn.

Desolate but not devoid, Pleasure Symbols engulf honest pop music under a sea of slowed, cold synth and bass. Ritualistic vocals perpetually conveying a sense of desperation, but not without fortitude, the bands unembellished restraint continually on show.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Falcon Reekon - Consecration

Falcon Reekon [ the name is inspired by the 80s animate Silverhawk & The Visionaries Reekon ] is a french artist creator CAD and beatmaker . He started to make his first music in 2006 [ EP beat experiment ] then he continued his performances in the electrofunk, new wave, retro 80s [ synthwave ] from 2013 to 2016 totalling 9 Albums [ 8 albums 1 EP ]. Falcon Reekon music is related to GLOBAL VHS entertainment [ Label & 80s media ], Werkstatt Recordings [ EPV Evasion, EPVI soon ].

CD / Digital Album

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Monolog - Morphee Cabaret Troopers

MONOLOG is Pierre Maury’s new solo side project based in Nice (french riviera). After a debut album on the D-Monic french label here is the masterpiece of Pierre Maury aka Monolog. Next CD release on Unknown Pleasures label announced in September. Cold wave guitars, melancholic melodies and an exceptional voice reminiscent of both David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave as The Psychedelic Furs, Talk Talk, Joy Division, The Sisters Of Mercy or Interpol. Pierre was also the live guitarist / keyboardist of the famous band Press Gang Metropol (ex Corpus Delicti).

CD / Digital Album

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Pure Ground - Giftgarten

Pure Ground is a minimal industrial/wave duo formed in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2012. Making use of a great assortment of analog and digital hardware, Pure Ground creates hard electronics teaming with rhythmic white noise and unsettling melody as the backdrop over which the group explores lyrical themes of present-day dystopian realities, sleeplessness and the supernatural, and the eventual triumph of the natural world over a human civilization in rapid decline. Not limited to music composition, the band also makes forays into analog video work, much of which can be seen projected onto them during live performances and in album art.

LP / Digital Album

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Geometric Vision - Virtual Analog Tears

Geometric Vision Is a band formed by Ago Giordano, Roberto Amato and Gennaro Campanile. Ago started composing songs and lyrics reflecting dark and nostalgic atmospheres typical of dark and cold wave, but with a modern attitude which draws inspiration from contemporaneous German and British minimal synth experiments.

After a while he decides to create a real band which takes more substantial form after having experienced several line up changes… With Gennaro Campanile playing bass guitar and Roberto Amato on guitar everything seems to work out.


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