Lights A.M. - Stories Without Words

Norwegian cinematic electronic project LIGHTS A.M. (aka Erlend Eilertsen of ESSENCE OF MIND) returns with the conceptual full length album “Stories Without Words”. With a title that speaks for itself, this instrumental 10-track release tells different short stories which progressively connect with each others while the listeners keep exploring and discovering that soundtrack full of deep moments evoking personal visual and emotional journeys triggered by their very own imagination and creative space…

From meditative soundscapes to heartwarming hymns through melancholic melodic layers, LIGHTS A.M. offer us a cottony and foggy soundtrack for the winter. More than ever, the Norwegian artist focuses on deep emotions and intimate moments by letting his machines speak through these instrumental cuts evoking once again the acknowledge influence of legendary artists like VANGELIS, BRIAN ENO, TANGERINE DREAMS or yet OMD.

This is timeless electronic music from the North teaching us that stories can indeed be told without words… The story continues.

Digital Album

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Tsirihaka Harrivel - La Dimension

In 2017, Tsirihaka Harrivel, circus artist, multi-instrumentalist jack of all trades, begins writing this album which will become “The Dimension”, knowing already that it would form the basis of an upcoming performance. He then draws from this intended music the impetus for a narrative frame: it is in fact a soundtrack in reverse.

Tsirihaka builds the soaring atmosphere of this album around an inspiring 1983 Italian groove box featuring synthetic violins and an intriguing rhythm machine. The elliptical lyrics and the breakthroughs of sound participate in this impossible quest where any exit inevitably seems to elude.

The album was produced with Pierre Desprats (music from the films of Bertrand Mandico) who, with his experience of pop and cinema, has managed to keep the energy to several entries of this false album: association of ideas, tragic effect and illustrative music.

LP / Digital Album

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Tausend Augen - Westend

A symbiotic relationship between old and new – a retro sound sent into the future, that’s how Tausend Augen (English: “thousand eyes”) sound. This sound aesthetic is a result of a get together of 50 year old microphones, compressors, tape recorders and the ability to fuse that with modern recording techniques. „Westend“, the bands debut sounds familiar as well as alien – like a transfer between musical generations.

Their roots lie in Germany’s experimental and innovative rock music, which frees the spirit of barrierless experimentation and builds the main ground. They combine influences of electronic music, psychedelic rock, motorik, post punk and noise with German lyrics. Following the paths CAN, NEU! or Kraftwerk built „Westend“ leads to new interpretations and sounds international and a bit zeitgeisty.

70s meet 80s, pioneer german NDW sounds like Abwärts or DAF find their places as well as stoic rhythmics like NEU! Or The Oh Sees.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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DKA is proud to present to you the second release from Newboy! Borrowing inspiration from Samuel Delaney’s Dhalgren, Texan Acidheads, Art-Damaged Synth Punk, and Experimental Industrial Cassette Innovators like Portion Control, Newboy delivers us a unique, sample strewn EP. While Newboy’s debut, 2019’s Funky Bullshit, was a combination of self-imposed limitation and loose experimentation, this sophomore release feels more focused. Not as hung up on the bullshit, these recordings have a more forward and funky appeal.

Often seen peering over his glasses, Newboy aka Greg Vand, can be recognized as a member of DKA alumni Din and High-Functioning Flesh. Needless to say we are fans and excited to bring this EP to both digital and limited cassette formats!

Cassette / Digital Album

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We think we can all relate to needing more when we feel there’s not much to life, yet it’s about finding beauty in the little things in life.
This song goes to all addicts: addicts to drugs, alcohol, love, hate, sadness, anything. Anyone battling isolation. You’re not alone.
Let’s dance until we drop.
Let’s love until we dance.
Let’s drop until we love.

Digital Album

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