Every Night Is A Moon Rising (2023)Every Night Is A Moon Rising (2023), the fourth album by Delacave, reveals that Seb Normal (synths, drums programming, and arrangements) and Liliane Chansard (vocals, bass, lyrics, and illustrations – as she is also a visual artist) are interested in human connectedness with the natural environment, as their message now is: “every atom of our beings is nature”. Lyrics such as, “tropical bears in the white sand”, from the album’s opener Fatherless, and, “fish rise to the surface”, from the masterpiece Crossing Times, suggest that the duo which call themselves a ‘gloom-wave’ band  are trying to give us a clearer picture of the world, with its rich variety of species that include both humans and non-humans.

Chansard’s drawings also echo this message. The small, white, floating pieces of what looks like ice, on the front-cover artwork and on the inner sleeve, are ice glaciers, which have been cut off from the land, as the earth’s temperature rises, and travel in the sea where they melt away. The ghost-looking and snow-covered mountains in front of the large moon on the front-cover have started to melt, too.

So, are Delacave actually environmentalists? And if they are, do they address the impact of human activity on the environment employing clichéd claims about buying a reusable coffee cup and recycling waste, and using pictures of cute birds and animals in danger of extinction, or do they use pictures from The Ugly Animal Preservation Society and their own individual agency, like members of leaderless grassroots environmental movements, away from mainstream politics (or no politics at all), to influence spontaneous action locally and at community level?

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Fashion Cult - Desolation Sounds

Darkwave project formed by T.G.T.B. and Satellitstat members.

Digital Album

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Immanent - The Wheel Of Rituals

Solo minimal / industrial project from the Netherlands.

Providing oasis in the Babylon of information.

CD / Digital Album

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Annual Sampler 2023

2023 retrospective with 12 distinct artists.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Obsidian - 19 Dead

Obsidian is a band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA). Their music is influenced by deathrock, goth rock, post-punk and darkwave.

CD / Digital Album

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