The Rorschach Garden - Grain Culture

Founded in 1988, The Rorschach Garden was the solo project of Philipp Münch, mainly known from his works as Synapscape. In 1997, he stopped this project due personal reasons. The Rorschach Garden was reactivated in 2001, made its first public appearance at the Maschinenfest 2002 in Aachen, Germany. After this, some other live performances were held with the help of some of Philipp’s closer friends.

Ever since, TRG has grown into a proper band with a steady lineup and a great reputation for live performances. Their musical style has developed into a unique blend of electronic pop music and defies genre limitations. Since 2008, no concerts have been played due to personal circumstances of the band members, yet there might possibly some again.

Digital Album [free download]

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Maurice Business - Stock Market Rhythms

Maurice Business, a man of many good traits, shares stories of his life from an unclassifiable era. His melancholy lyrics, laced with a dark humour, hold a personal insight into his own bleached mind, touching on betrayal, tragedies and stupidity.

After the release in 2020 of a debut EP via australian tastemakers Burning Rose, Mr Business finds himself lost yet again in another portal, this one leading to the lands of ‘Stock Market Rhythms’, trapped inside another flesh suit in wall street, what’s really going through their head and how did they get there ?

“Stock Market Rhythms” channels through this energy to bring you four fabulous tales of what is in the mind of one of these creatures.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Dizzy Grraves - Plagued

From San Diego, California, Dizzy Grraves is fusing all forms of sounds from the dark depths of the Grraves. Post-punk, EBM, Darkwave, Goth. To name a few.

Digital Album

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THX 1971 - Dinge Kommen

THX 1971 is Thomas Meier-Goldau from Augsburg Germany, born in November 1971. Computermade Electronic Music since 2016. The Name THX 1971 is a combination of my birthyear and an honour to the famous Science-Fiction-Movie THX 1138.

Digital Album

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 No Time To Wax V​.​02

No Time To Wax is a compilation presented by Fernando wax & the bands, to support and promote the WAVES radio show, and released by Red Maze Records, both based in Brussels, Belgium. The curator, Fernando Wax selected released gems from favourite bands and artists in the wave / post-punk / synth / electro / ambient styles.

WAVES is a radio show broadcast on Radio Vibration in Brussels, Belgium. It is dedicated to new-wave, minimal synth, electro-wave, EBM, post-punk, etc. It is hosted by Fernando Wax, Phil Blackmarquis and Pierre Sensurround.

Digital Album

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