Unconscious – Regnum Novum

Unconscious returns to X-IMG with 8 tracks of carefully crafted dark electronics operating on the fringes of body techno, acid, wave and italo. This release also Includes 2 remixes by SARIN. 50 Limited Edition hand numbered cassettes with a total run time of: C-60.

Milan based Andrea Riberti has been active in various scenes since the late 90’s from his days as a graffiti artist to his first Akai 950 and Atari ST-1040 machines for production. He currently operates under the “Unconscious” moniker as a live artist and producer with his roots cemented in early rave culture, drawing from the wake of Post Punk, Industrial and Body Music. As a project, Unconscious surfaced in 2013 to further experimentation within electronic music, acting as an outlet to communicate raw, post-industrial sounds and emotions.

Earlier works under the alias were focused on a purist techno sound with traces of EBM influences emerging thru releases such as 2016’s “Codex Gigas” EP on Berlin-based Advanced, and 2017’s sophomore album “Chaos Theory” on Moscow based NEN Records. Proceeding releases on SARIN’s X-MG, Marc Ash’s Blacksilk, Berlin-based Instruments of Discipline and AREA Z, began to define an evolving sound and movement towards new interpretations of EBM, Italo and acid that combined raw and nostalgic sounds with a sharp modernity. Unconscious’ live and hybrid performances are aimed at the fully body, moving dance floors with a charged and sonorous strain of Industrial-EBM and Techno.

Digital Album

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Human Performance Lab – Impact Situation

Human Performance Lab is the collaborative project of SARIN & Matt Cangiano formed in 2013 in Toronto, Canada. The duo present their second vinyl “Impact Situation” via Berlin based [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Past & future dystopias collide in a visceral blend of techno & body music inspired by early progenitors of industrial, Dada & Futurism.

12″ / Cassette / Digital Album

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Self​-​Aware IV

The X-IMG “SELF-AWARE” compilation series is returning for a 4th installment. This iteration is done in collaboration with Berlin based fashion label Richard Soderberg who has designed and crafted 50 limited edition laser engraved USB keys for this special release. The aim of the “SELF-AWARE” series is to bring together an eclectic array of underground artists across several countries, cultures & genres unified by a shared vision and appreciation of the darker sonic arts. Artists from: Lithuania, Georgia, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Germany, America, Italy & France are represented here.

Digital Album

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Sarin - Kuleshov-Effect

SΛRIN 1/2 of: KONKURS, Human Performance Lab & Nostromo. Influenced by Terror Against Terror, SPK, Nitzer Ebb, Clock DVA, Portion Control, HUREN, SINS, Vierance.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Self​-​Aware III

This is the third instalment of the X-IMG “SELF-AWARE” compilation series. The aim of the series is to bring together an eclectic array of underground artists from across several countries & genres, unified by a shared vision and appreciation of the darker sonic arts. Artists from Canada, Germany, America, England & France are represented here.

Cassette / Digital Album

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