General Dynamics - Weaponize Your Dreams

GENERAL DYNAMICS is the new project of recording artists SARIN + QUAL. “WEAPONIZE YOUR DREAMS”, their debut full length album features 8 tracks of industrialized techno & electronic body music. Clocking in at 37 minutes these tracks have been carefully recorded, assembled, programmed and sequenced over the last 3 years in person in Athens & Berlin to create an intense and sustained sonic attack guaranteed to rip through the subconscious mind.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Human Performance Lab – Impact Situation

Human Performance Lab is the collaborative project of SARIN & Matt Cangiano formed in 2013 in Toronto, Canada. The duo present their second vinyl “Impact Situation” via Berlin based [aufnahme + wiedergabe]. Past & future dystopias collide in a visceral blend of techno & body music inspired by early progenitors of industrial, Dada & Futurism.

12″ / Cassette / Digital Album

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SARIN – Moral Cleansing

SARIN, the A/V industrial technoid electronics project of Emad Dabiri, releases his first ever full-length album Moral Cleansing on BITE. After debuting on the label last year with his Kuleshov Effect EP followed up by a collaborative 12” with Imperial Black Unit earlier this year, Dabiri advances his sonic identity by leaps and bounds through his application of subtle pop and electro elements with a greater focus on groove and melody, syncopated basslines, FM synthesis, and his signature cut-up sampling.

The album showcases SARIN’s core elements as one of the main influencers in the current EBM techno wave with his brutally minimal sequences and abrasive drum programming. He began operating as SARIN in 2013 in Toronto before moving to Berlin in 2014. Since then he has been actively touring the world with his live performances & DJ sets. A remix 12″ of select tracks from the album done by Broken English Club, Privacy, Teste, and Phase Fatale will follow in 2020.

LP / Digital Album

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Sarin x Imperial Black Unit - Will To Destroy

BITE presents as its 7th release Will To Destroy: a collaboration by Berlin underground techno heavyweights Sarin and Imperial Black Unit. Sarin, the project of Emad Dabiri, previously released on the label last year with the Kuleshov Effect EP and now offers again his bassline heavy groove and sonic signature. Meanwhile, Imperial Black Unit is a technoid duo originally from Toulouse formed by Pablo Bozzi and Thomas Chalandon. With their sharp synths and metallic rhythms on top of growls that could evoke black metal atmospheres, they complete this remarkable record that reaches from slow, new beat like compositions to peak time anthems making ‘Will To Destroy’ an effective ammunition.

EP / Digital Album

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SARIN & Xarah Dion - Collision

Linda Records offers its 2nd special edition 12″ of 2018. Following on from Ancient Methods remixes of Luster ft. Beta Evers – Eternal, this next record is a spectacular collaboration EP from two friends SARIN & Xarah Dion. On the Collision EP both provide an original track and also rework/ cover of one of their fellow talents song pieces. It makes an interesting rare collection of Electro infused EBM, and when we say songs we mean it, infectious journey tracks. SARIN remains more on the apocalyptic side with his cuts of devastating impact on the vinyl. Whilst Xarah carries a momentous stance with her vocals over nostalgic synthesis.

EP / Digital Album

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