Electric Dragon - Paranormalizer

Former member of the death metal supergroup Vallenfyre (feat. members from Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, At The Gates) has now formed a new synthwave project called Electric Dragon.

This is his debut album called ‘Paranormalizer’, a great retro synth attack!!!

Listen and download here.

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We are the force

Here’s the latest Werkstatt Recordings compilation featuring Beatbox Machinery, Phazer Axe, Megaforce Hellion, Data Dragon, Liege Viper, Mega Dead Agitator, Azoth Projector, Deth Omen, Radio Poltergeist and Shocker 2087.

Listen and order here.

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Black Magique - Sexercise

Black Magique is a poppy, mad, evil and jangly synth pop duo founded in January 2012 from Vancouver, Canada.

Listen and order here.

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Kriistal Ann - Cultural Bleeding

Kriistal Ann’s follow up to the ’Delirious Skies’ album is going to be released on Wave Records on November 2015. ’Cultural Bleeding’ is her third full-length solo album and presents 9 songs of ethereal dark melodies crafted with hardware synthesizers while performed in real-time action.

Having studies in classical terms of music, in the year 2007 Kriistal Ann decides to become member of the dark wave/gothic band ‘Resistance Of Independent Music’ and took the main role as a lead singer but also contributed in the compositions by applying her skills with beautiful eerie melodies.

After releasing 2 albums & various EPs with R.O.I.M. and performing her first live shows with the band, in 2013 she decides to start her personal solo project with the aim to extend the horizons of sound, through the inner stirrings and emotional changes that occur in the soul of every human being, which is affected by its environment, seasons and the culture in which he lives in.

Early in 2014 she creates with her partner Toxic Razor the minimal synth band ‘Paradox Obscur’ which was a trigger for expansion and interaction with the public and other artists. Since then she developed several sound channels and created several projects such as Toyotomi , influenced by the culture of the 80s, and the project Sine Silex, based on electronic – experimental sounds with atmospheric landscapes.

Her main activity is music, photography, poetry and selected collaborations based on mutual respect, professionalism and the love for art.

Listen and order here.

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Beatbox Machinery - Tele​-​synthesized

Beatbox Machinery was formed in February 2010 by Toxic Razor. Hardware synth wave soundscapes blended with analog monophonic waves and digital analog sequences. Everything is recorded with real hardware gear and there is no use of midi, VST instruments or software plugins.

Listen and order here.

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