Misfortunes -  The Isle of Tomorrow

The word cold gets used a lot when we speak about TONN Recordings’ synth, so it’s a rare thing to come across something in this music that evokes a warmer tone. But it’s that quality of warmth that has become the hallmark of Misfortunes’ sound. A synth that is rich, with a rhythmic undercurrent, always poised and poetic and a voice that is never more beautiful than in its native Greek.

LP / Digital Album

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Intersection III

TONN Recordings Special Anniversary Edition featuring MADMOIZEL, Crystalline Stricture, Prinzessin, This Is the Bridge, Monsieur Crane and Iv/An.

Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Nouveau Neon

With its infectious bass and poignant synth lines, interwoven with themes around the complexity of modern day living in an often impersonal world, Crystalline Stricture’s pure analogue sound is beautifully constructed and played from the heart.

Cassette / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge – Statues

One of the most important presences in British synth today, This Is The Bridge’s progressive, powerful synth is utterly distinctive and uncompromising in its vision. Every This Is The Bridge release on TONN Recordings brings us exquisite minimal synth delivered with poignancy and precision.

Digital Album

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VOGUE.NOIR ‎– Resolution

Melancholic synth pop twists Sci-fi, Neo Noir and dystopian themes into a reflective soundscape inspired by the synthesised 80’s pop.

Digital Album

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