Wladyslaw Trejo - Es una bestia

Here’s the second album from Wladyslaw Trejo. Synthpunk expressionism from Spain.

12″ / Digital Album

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Intersection III

TONN Recordings Special Anniversary Edition featuring MADMOIZEL, Crystalline Stricture, Prinzessin, This Is the Bridge, Monsieur Crane and Iv/An.

Digital Album

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Captain Mustache - How Come U Know

Captain Mustache is a French music producer and DJ from Paris. He’s been working on his project for many years to propose an army of beats. As a true electronic music lover, he worked with some electro idols (Adamski, Chicks on Speed, The Advent, Paris The Black Fu, Play Paul…) to bring an extra vocal dimension to his music.

Inspired by 80′s pioneers, Detroit techno and electroclash freaks, we can define his sound as romantic & burlesque electro.

Be sure, Mustache is the future.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Dataman - Official Report

Here’s the third album from Dataman, a minimal electronic artist from Thessaloniki, Greece.

LP / Digital Album

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Surviving in Europe 17​-​20

After 3 years from the first part, we are excited to release Surviving in Europe part two. The full project comes out alongside a fanzine printed in risograph and a c90 transparent cassette. Registered and assembled during the past 3 years, from 2017 to early 2020. Contributions from: The NE-21, Piska Power, Bop+lksmn, Le Chocolat Noir, How Green Is My Toupee, Mother Juno, Autumns, Savage Grounds, Silent EM, Celldöd, Mind&Flesh, Strangers For Love, Blind Delon & Black Egg, Huren, Kris Baha, Raw Ambassador, Unhuman, Infravision, Be Dellow, Zarkoff.

“In a time of the new European nationalism, of razor-wire fences and renewed border Kontrols, mass immigration and homegrown terror, fear and insecurity, the suppression of internal borders of the EU is recognition that all the citizens belong to the same space, that they share a common identity.”

Cassette / Digital Album

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