No New Dawn –  Double Dream

No New Dawn is a manifestation of creative force informed by the perspectives and understanding gained through the path to void consciousness by J. Czarn. The artistic work and exploration of NND is primarily done through the utilization of electronics, however all forms of media are infinitely within consideration. No New Dawn is an ideological reference to universal oneness and present action.

No New Dawn is a post-industrial minimal synth project with Black Metal background based in Detroit by J. Czarn. Beginning in 2016, the first full-length album “Double Dream” was finished in 2018. No New Dawn’s illumination of modern bleakness and struggle contrasted with intervals of meditative and reflective clarity provide a fitting backdrop to the cold soundscape captured on this album. The project’s music uses a mix of analog, midi, sampling and live recording methods to achieve an often cavernous electronic and vocal sound. “Double Dream” also exhibits a shift in focus throughout the album from conventional song structures to loose and ambient instrumental compositions. J. Czarn is a multi-instrumentalist and artist affiliated with the One void art collective.

Absolutely must have for fans of early 80s synth scene (Gary Numan, The Human League, Clock DVA, John Foxx or Second Decay), Cold Cave, early Lust For Youth, November Növelet, late Haus Arafna, Martial Canterel.

CD / Cassette / Digital Album

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ASS – La Mort En Vue Subjective

“Rifle under the chin like Patrick Dewaere” Paolo Franco.

Recorded in three days at Socopof, Plaine des Bouchers, Strasbourg April 2019. Except “Nos sangs melés” recorded in a room in Belsunce, Marseille, May 2019.

LP / Digital Album

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Nao Katafuchi – Stahlgrau

From his birth place in Tokyo, to New York and now Germany, Nao Katafuchi’s sound has travelled across many terrains in music. A dichotomy of tight staccato beats overlaid with sweeping gestural melodies, he leaves an electronic imprint on the mind of the listener, transferring a world of lyrical possibilities from his imagination to ours, bringing us synth full of expansive romantic sensibility.

LP / Digital Album

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Vortice Mortale – Memento Mori

Half of the dark synthwave duo THE HUNT, Herbert West is a French electronic producer heavily influenced by 70’s and 80’s horror soundtracks. This artist tends to use vintage, analog and modular synths and It´s important to point out that he has released with the Hunt two albums through the well-known labels Giallo Disco (2014) and Bordello a Parigi (2018).

Vortice Mortale is his new project in which he mixes space disco and dark synth music.It is clear as water that Herbert West loves Italian horror movies and French disco music of the past decade considering that this work “Memento Mori” is perhaps a perfect combination of powerful beats, enigmatic passages and wicked catchy melodies.

12″ / Digital Album

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OTTO – Over The Top Orchester

A living room somewhere in southern Germany. Embroidery graces the walls, a veneer side table with little chrome feet stands in front of a beige velour sofa, a minibar awaits. Pride of place goes to the electric organ which majestically occupies the centre of the room, flanked by two oversized loudspeakers. Welcome to the world of OTTO. The two-man band are set to release their long-awaited debut album in 2019 on Bureau B. The eight tracks contain familiar OTTO ingredients, from organ sounds and rhythm presets to disco strings and the monophonic waves of a 1970s synthesizer. Arpeggio and Hohner notes add extra sharpness to the proceedings. Classics from their live repertoire sitalongside brand new numbers, invariably strange synthesizer compositions.

LP / Digital Album

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