Patience - Dizzy Spells

Here’s the first full length album from Patience, a solo synthpop project from Los Angeles, California, released in collaboration with Winona Records and Night School Records.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Collin Gorman Weiland - In My Shattered Vase

DKA is extremely excited to present the new 12″ EP from Collin Gorman Weiland, “In My Shattered Vase.” Having previously released some of our favorite music on labels like Downwards and Jealous God, Weiland’s new offering features 3 originals from the Minneapolis native + 2 edits from Germany’s Mick Wills and a remix by DKA co-founders Pyramid Club, this is a journey through textured murk, melancholic musings and deranged rhythmic euphoria, distorted drums clash against harsh tones to create an environment both familiar and completely alien, grounded by Collin’s deep, dead pan spoken word.

For the b-side, Mick Wills revisits Collin’s track from our previously released Strategies Against The Body vol. II LP compilation. an amazing yet utterly un-DJ-friendly track Mick has wrestled with and wrangled into an extended late night dance floor slayer. This is followed by Pyramid Club’s reinterpretation of “Ballet Of Pose” from the A-side, stripping it back to it’s most percussive elements and propelling it forward with a steadily snowballing momentum.

EP / Digital Album

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In a dramatic gesture - Concrete landscape

Here’s the first release from “In a dramatic gesture” that is a mysterious and delicious experimental / synthwave / chillwave / vaporwave project from an unrevealed location.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Travm - Vltrafeminism

The equality of all people, not causing harm to others, responsibility for our actions both for the individuals and for the whole humanity are life-important for us. Our society is still far from these principles. Every day, the government and citizens repeat the cycle of senseless prejudice and violence. Music for us is an opportunity to somehow react to what is happening, to speak out about how life is and how we want it to change.

So the band name Travm has come from it – something between “ein Traum” and “Травма” (Travma) – injury in Russian. Album is called Vltrafeminism. That’s our local band meme. The mention of ultra feminism causes people to feel cognitive dissonance because we still have chauvinistic society here. And it’s double weird when you hear it from boys.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Dune Messiah - Moments Of Bliss

Dune Messiah develops misanthropic persona on the new album Moments of Bliss. The Danish folk-noir artist Dune Messiah, unfolds a universe of black romance and mysticism. On March 29, he is publishing his second studio album “Moments of Bliss”, through French label Third Coming Records and German label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe.

Throughout the album we get to know a kind of isolated character express his bitter emotions and pity for humanity. A misanthrope who is outside the common society and sometimes with a sense of jealousy tries to reach out towards it. The character often finds himself hopelessly in love with a female figure, or in hateful envy and with a burning desire to destroy or degrade the female figure as a reaction to this. In the song Silence and Surrender, the man behind Dune Messiah, Magnus Westergaard sings: “They say that forgiveness is a way to be free, and Jesus told us all just to turn the other cheek, within silence and surrender, there has been a way of showing you the faces of the people you betrayed”.

The overall theme of the album thus deals with escapism and exclusion from society. An escapism that can also unfold in abuse of substances. Hence the inspiration for the song A Moment of Bliss, Westergaard explains: “The song’s lyric side has two themes; a cross-over of a state of deep meditation, seeking an inner peace, and a state of escape through heroin abuse, which can give the same sense of inner peace, but which eventually may lead to death. The title of the album Moments of Bliss, therefore also has an embedded ambiguity; a mystery that can also be reflected in the unfathomable smile of the misanthrope. The title is very much self-ironic i think”.

LP / Digital Album

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