Aux Animaux - Body Horror

Hauntwave artist from Stockholm with a soft spot for horror, mixing dark synth tunes with dystopic sounds and haunting vocals and theremin.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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Infant Sanchos - Szene 23

There weren’t enough more than four songs for this EP. They are as different as possible so as not to create an uncomfortable feeling of coherence. But the most important thing remains: juicy kick drums, crunchy synthesizers, theatrical chatter. Now also for your rancid Bluetooth speakers: The soundtrack to the criticism in the scuffle.

Digital Album

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No - Wave Function

From his home city of Montréal, No brings us synth infused with lyricism mapped over the dark undercurrent of an intensively driving beat. From vocals suffused with a compelling nihilistic charge, No draws the listener into narratives with a somber core. This is synth unprocessed and raw edged, with an immediacy that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Iris Paralysis - The Reality Of The Void

Iris Paralysis are a London / Bielefeld based synth duo.

Digital Album

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Maletas Vacias - Bit​​​á​​​cora Inc​​​ó​​​gnita

Maletas Vacías is a band from Chile, from the south west area of ​​Santiago. The band was born in 2022. The band’s style is difficult to define since it mixes sounds of all kinds but always with the goth tinge.

Digital Album

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