Midway Future - Kosmos EP

Music inspired by 80s made with love and care, just like your grandma’s meals!

I’m an amateur musician, that used to play metal but turned to synthwave for salvation.

Limited edition cassette in white shell, comes in a transparent aqua case & a double-sided printed 2-panel j-card. CD comes in a deluxe blue case.

Listen and order here.

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Synthetic Soundscapes of Modern Urban Morality

Keeping our promise for fresh and active artists and projects, Geheimnis Records now brings you the second compilation of bands and artists who are taking their first musical steps and request our attention and appreciation. This time the material doesn’t only focus on Greek artists. 5 of them come from France, Germany and Austria. Some of them have already released their first album or cassette tape, while others share their music through Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud and this compilation is their first official discography. Geheimnis Records would like to thank them all for offering their music. Those who did it for the first time, those who provided a special edition of their song and those with whom we have collaborated in the past and still entrust their material to Geheiminis Records.

“Hante.” is the solo project of Helene de Thoury, the one half of the French duet “Minuit Machine”. She released her debut single on December 2014, and is about to release her debut album in the Summer of 2015. “Kristal Ann” is the voice of the Greek duet “Paradox Obscur”. She also has her own project (under her name) and the song “Killing Jokes” is written especially for this compilation, while her other song “Ashes of Hope” comes from her debut cd-album. “Monowelt” come from Berlin, Germany. Marta Raya and Daria Leere started recording songs last year and have played together since 2012. They have entrusted their soon to be completed debut album to our label. “Koma Koma” come from Vienna, Austria. Genio Revox, Davyd Mitma and Wolfgang Gray play their impressive guitars and accompany them with dark-deep vocals. This is their first release on a musical format. “Paradox Obscur” come from Rhodes Island, Greece. Kriistal Ann sings and composes while her partner Toxic Razor plays, composes and experiments with many different styles and genres. “23rd Underpass” are the brain-child of Costas Andriopoulos who started the group back in 2008-2009. After some setbacks during those formative years, he found a steady vocalist and lyricist in the face of Nadia Vassilopoulou and released a full-album last year. “Aga Wilk” is a female solo project from Berlin, Germany. Disco-Experimental sounds with Techno elements. The version of her song can be found only on this compilation. She is expected to release her debut album in the Summer of 2015. “Minuit Machine” come from Paris, France. Last year Helene de Thoury and Amandine Stioui released a successful debut album. The song on this compilation is a special remix exclusive to this compilation. The person behind the project “Impersonate or Die” is an artist named Nick Stonem. He comes from Athens, Greece and his aggressive Synth-Punk songs find their way onto vinyl grooves for the first time. Last but not least, “Regressverbot” from Thessaloniki, Greece are already known from their participation in our previous “No Radar” compilation. A full-length album is on the cards and has been scheduled for release on Geheiminis Records later this year or early 2016.

The compilation will be out in July 16th, 2015, in 300 hand-numbered vinyl copies, half of them in black and half in transparent blue, including an insert with lyrics, photos and details.

Listen and order here.

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Spatial Relation - Beyond The Zero

Peripheral Minimal is proud to present Beyond the Zero, the highly anticipated debut album by Brooklyn-based duo Spatial Relation.

Through word of mouth, the band has built up an international fan base in the past few years. Interest has come largely from appearances on seminal European compilations such as the TSM series produced by The Scrap Mag (Spain) and Until the Sun Grows Cold from Vocoder Tapes (England). Spatial Relation’s cassette EP Thoughtcrime also was released last year by Infravox Records (Peru), and this was preceded by a split seven-inch single with the artist Xiu on Peripheral Minimal in 2013.

The eight songs that make up Beyond the Zero were produced, recorded, and mixed in the band’s home studio from 2012 to 2014. In addition to new titles such as the stand-out singles “Tacit Knowledge” and “Phantoms of the Future,” the album includes the cult hit “Contour Lines,” which helped launch Spatial Relation to public attention, and closes with the minimalist favorite “Mysteries of Chance.” All tracks have been mastered with care by the famed Dutch producer and engineer Alden Tyrell.

Limited vinyl edition of 300.

Listen and order here.

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Miscalculations - Kill The Whole Cast

Miscalculations were formed in a dark, asbestos-lined basement in Harlow and a towering loft overlooking the concrete, steel and flesh of North London.

Absorbing their environment, watching, analyzing and calculating. Miscalculating.

Vinyl LP limited to 600 copies – Clear vinyl with black splashes.

Listen and order here.

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Black Egg - Melencolia

BLACK EGG est un code secret, une intention speciale, une discipline du chaos.

Dans un temps où la rigueur n’est qu’un concept économique, nous affirmons notre désir, sans concession, avec persistance, selon le mot de Coil, et obstination. Un art sans concession, guidé par l’absolu du désir et de la perfection, en dehors des modes et de la complaisance, puisé au fond de la chair et de l’esprit, profondément, rigoureusement.

BLACK EGG est un collectif, une œuvre, une voie vers la lumière, vers la lumière noire du rêve, vers le réel intérieur, ouvert au-dedans.

Nous croyons en la pureté brutale, en une poésie mutilée, en une musique révélée, en un monde sonique où la paresse n’a pas sa place.

Nous voulons une musique, une esthétique qui change la vie, un art de vivre et de mourir.

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, white vinyl, gatefold.

Listen and order here.

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