Lovers Revenge - Lovers Revenge

Tired of the sun & the fakeness of their city, this Miami based duo emerge from the underground to provide a nice & melancholic atmosphere, bringing us back to the dark american’s 80′s movies.

The bands influences consist of venting out about relationships gone bad, mixed emotions of love and hate, and together, combining them with darkwave like sounds.

Each track has its own story, let yourself begin the trip….

Listen and order here.

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Jupiter-8 - Lone Rider

Jupiter-8 is an 80′s soundtrack artist from Miami, Florida. By day Lone Rider is a Hollywood stuntman… By night he steals cars for the mafia crime organization.

Listen and order here.

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Europaweite Aussichten - Welcome to Paradise

Europaweite Aussichten is an electronic music artist from Germany. Heavily inspired by movie scores from the 1980′s, artists like John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream.

Limited digipack edition of 10.

Listen and order here.

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Author & Punisher - Women & Children

Women & Children was written and recorded by Tristan Shone in his San Diego, CA studio. Mastering by Tristan Shone and Jim Garry at Roar mastering. Album artwork by Scott McPherson. Instruments designed and fabricated by Tristan Shone. Original version of »Fearce« recorded by Ejaculoid, from the comic Wuvable Oaf. This album is also available on CD & LP on Seventh Rule (srule035).

Listen here and order here.

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