Autumns - Laying Heavy

Derry Ireland’s Autumns returns for another release. Dub and acid tinged electronic post punk a go go!

Digital Album / Cassette

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Gorsedd FM ‎– Nos Wyl

This project began as a ritual black metal outfit, but has since taken inspiration form acts such as circle of ouroborus, key, and crooked necks, to create a unique sound melding post punk, dungeon synth, black metal and black wave.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Life Ist Krieg

To celebrate 10 years ov Clan Destine Records we have gathered together 42 ov our favourite artists at the moment for a behomoth compilation LIFE IST KRIEG, available in digital or limited double tape with art from the kvlt Warhead art. Over 3 hours ov the darkest, livliest, vilest, beautiful and krushing kvlt sounds.

Feauturing the premiere talents ov the following Clan regulars, legends and some new blood… Autumns, TWINS, Penelopes Fiance, DJ LOSER, Da Goblinn, JT Whitfield, Bergsonist, Punky Jones, Tara In Tibet, Supahuman & Nattymari, Pull Rank, Ritualz, Mater Suspiria Vision, DJ Speedsick, CBN, Verset Zero, Burnt Hair, Bestial Mouths, Marshall Applewhite, Child Of Night, LFDM, Huren, Curt Crackarach, Anton Maiovvi, Sean Pirece, NRVVS, Ian Hicks, Baglover, Bogdan Drazic, Burial Hex, Ludgate Squatter, DJ Sludge, Mchy I Prorosty, Striborg, Morah, Deflector, Madrelarva, Dionysian Rituals, Opium Grave, Private Service, DJ Ghettoscraper, SA Bruxa.

Digital Album

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Pull Rank - Relic

Total raging industrial from Glasgow’s Pull Rank.

Cassette / Digital Album

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