Rain To Rust - Martyrdom: Eight Exercises

“Martyrdom: Eight Exercises” is a concept album that examines the documentation of neurosis in form of art and the process of suicide as “artistic martyrdom”.

Each song is related to an artist who died by suicide: Adrian Borland (The Sound), Richey James Edwards (Manic Street Preachers), Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Per Yngve Ohlin (The True Mayhem), Yukio Mishima, Peter Tyrrell, Osamu Dazai, Robert E. Howard.

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Endeløs ‎- Dark Fields

Children of pandemic decadence, Endeløs translate provincial boredom with dark sounds inspired by the 80s dark wave powered with the post punk seminal attitude and the by the punk roots of his members.

Dark Fields is a trip around the decadence of this times, extremized by the pandemic crisis that showed the real face of this sick world. Madness, depression, fear of the future, but also a light that come from love with the last song that close the journey in a liberatory dance.

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Velvet Vega - We'll Never Get Back

After acclaimed debut Collapsing and maxi single “Can’t Control”, Italian duo Velvet Vega releases new full album “We’ll Never Get Back”, a powerful and romantic synth work about broken promises and deluding attitudes of humankind. opening single “It’s Over Now”, for instance it’s a fierce criticisms to situations that are still occurring too frequently and wants to let us open our eyes on important themes like racism and violence.

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Temple - Self Ritual Torture

Here’s the third album of Temple, a death rock band from Portland, Oregon, USA.

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Bedroom Talks - Quiet Shelter

Bedroom Talks is a pretty young, Minimal Synth project from Lviv / Ukraine. This is their official debut album and merges an early, self-produced EP with all new, previously unreleased tracks in a nervous, minimelancholic release. [equilibriummusic.com]

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