Broken Nails - Overcome

Inspired by Darkwave, Minimal Synth and EBM sounds. Primarily composed from analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Presenting strong, dance worthy percussion, a mixture of dark, cold and melancholy synth layers.

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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Velvet Velour - Pleiades

Velvet Velour is the solo project of Russian synth wave diva Valeria Valuyskaya.

CD / Digital Album

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Schrödinger - Last Days on Earth

Schrödinger is a Post-punk / Gothic band from Mexico.

CD / Digital Album

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Delphine Coma - Tortuosa

Delphine Coma combines elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and darkwave to create their own unique and entrancing sound using lush atmospheres and harsh guitars to create entrancing soundscapes that blur genres.

CD / Digital Album

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Geometric Vision - Slowemotion

Here’s the latest release of Geometric Vision, a Post-Punk / Darkwave band from Naples, Italy.

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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