The Rorschach Garden - A pleasant Day in Oblivion

Here’s 10 cover tracks of the all time favourite songs of The Rorschach Garden, a solo synthpop project from Bielefeld, Germany.

Digital Album [free download]

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Crime Violente Vol​.​4

This compilation from Up North Records, an independent tape label based in Melbourne, Australia, is featuring 11 track of raw EBM and lo-fi acid house.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Dona feat. Aloth - Mindscapes

Dona Aka Dj Plant Texture’s debut on Mannequin is the result of an effective true love for the early Chicago Acid and Jackbeat, mixed with textures of EBM and Cold Wave.

“Mindscapes”, featuring the haunted vocals of Aloth, represents a trip into states of consciousness and psychiatric diseases. Ispired by some reports describing America’s Mental health System during the latest 70’s, the EP is a blend of analog machines, forced to create the perfect jam session.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Mode In Gliany ‎- Kelc'h-Lizher

One is almost tempted to single out S’en Aller as the new Synth-Wave Superhit, however, all four tracks on this debut display an impressive perfection and consistence of quality, making this impossible. Distorted french vocals, dark synth swathes, gripping arpeggios flowing seamlessly along with smooth rhythms from the analogue drum computer. A well-engineered production completes the picture.

November Növelet was once the inspiration for Boris Völt forming Mode in Gliany. Thus the musical direction is obvious, nevertheless, Mode in Gliany is totally unique, magnificent and therefore unreservedly recommended!!


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Luminance - Homelife

Luminance is a band from Brussels, Belgium, that was born in 2012. Their music could be described as Cold Wave, Synthpop, Ambient and Dark Electronics.

Digital Album [free download]

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