Aleatory Chaos Second Chapter

Here’s the latest compilation from Oráculo featuring Etalon & Snem K, Dissident, Synths Versus Me, Pindrops and The Present Moment.

12″ / Digital Album

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Bring Her

“Sorrow Wave” duo Bring Her based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…play a distinctive brand of sombre darkwave, vibrant, cold and fascinating, defined by haunting and magnetic vocals over pounding and obsessive drum machines, penetrating guitar chords and eerie and harrowing synths, creating dismal and gloomy soundscapes brimming with mystery, sorrow and suffering.” – WhiteLight//WhiteHeat

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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Xeno & Oaklander - Hypnos

As a musical act, Xeno & Oaklander (Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo) conflate a rich love of analog synths, melody, and mythology with eloquent nuance and a nod to the heritage they draw from. While that construct is the duo’s immediate kiss and crush, there’s a deeper importance to their collaboration which began in 2004. As evidenced in their debut Vigils (2004), McBride and Wendelbo’s artistic dynamic is more than just a mutual love for electronics but a contrast between architectural precision and painterly expression. From the film scores to the traditional albums they’ve recorded in their Brooklyn studio, they’ve both spurred and fostered the global synth wave revival through a commitment to analog-only production and performance as well as a strident respect for the medium.

On their latest album Hypnos and first for the Dais imprint, the duo leveraged the talents of visual artist and live sound engineer Egan Frantz to mix the album. It’s a touch that adds both punch and balance, allowing their inherent conceptual voices to converge into a collage with defined edges and warm, synapses of frequency and beat.

LP / Digital Album

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Wave Earplug No.3

Third part of the Wave Earplug series trying to support the underground wave scene across Europe. This time artists come from Germany, Netherlands, France, Colombia, Slovakia, USA, Austria, Belgium and Finland.

4mg Records is a label representing artistic activities of people at non-profit organization called 4mg based in Slovakia. Originally started in 2003, St.Catharines, Canada as a private label of ImiAFan, who later moved back to Europe.


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Neugeborene Nachtmusik ‎- Take Me To Your Healer

Neugeborene Nachtmusik returns to ET with his second full-length album… after his debut and several compilation tracks the sound of this Berlin based project from Holland is much more defined as before… his debut album showed a wide range of inspiration but still with a coherent mood… this new album is also much more coherent in style… You get served six long tracks of post-industrial mixed with post-techno… all trance indulging… all hypnotic… and all based on dark beats… you can call this cosmic industrial or ritual techno but one way or another these tunes are made to defy the dance floor as for sure you can move to them… but are they dance tunes after all?


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