Tunic - Exhaling

Winnipeg is cold. Ice cold. And judging by the the emotional brawn and hardcore might of the three-piece Tunic, it can get very very dark. Winnipeg’s Tunic explores that darkness on the band’s new album Exhaling. Across songs like the title track, “Invalid” and “Fade Out,” the trio of David Schellenberg (Guitar / Vocals), Rory Ellis (Bass) and Dan Unger (Drums) use their visceral art punk approach to explore themes related to coping with the illness of a loved one, the dark side of creativity and dealing with toxic friendships.

“I’m not one to write about situations/emotions that I haven’t lived through,” remarks frontman/guitarist David Schellenberg. “I need that catharsis of screaming about these things over and over again. These are all things that have unfolded in my life and I use Tunic as a coping mechanism.”

Tunic was born of spite in– formed after founder David Schellenberg was told he “wasn’t good enough” for another band leading to a subsequent decision to follow his own path. From there, Tunic sought out a sound inspired by the melodic approaches of Quicksand and Superchunk, venom and heartache in Converge and controlled chaos behind Botch. Since their 2016 debut 7”, Tunic have criss-crossed the globe relentlessly, zigging and zagging as part of more than a dozen jaunts in North America and Europe while logging shows with a varied lot like Ken Mode, Single Mothers and even Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Tunic’s touring bloodlust eventually conjured a debut LP in 2019, Complexion and not surprisingly, the band followed its release with eleven weeks of touring.

LP / Digital Album

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Hache Tendre - J'aurais voulu lui dire soyons amis

The klan Kakakids is a label linked to the secret society “1000 balles”, both based in Geneva. Specialists in fluorescent propaganda, they also organize concerts in the land of dirty chocolate.

Hache Tendre is a band with a yéyé tendency, split between Amiens and Strasbourg with members of Caseheadwar / Télédétente 666 / Fast Arbeit Babies / Les Morts Vont Bien / Krinator / Le Renard / Usé and other more obscure formations.

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Wet Skin - Animal God

Wet Skin is an exercise in secrecy and lurid confession; electronic music inspired by the emotional hangovers of digitally mediated sexual encounters (and non-encounters).

Each song on the debut album from Wet Skin is a vignette of isolation and frustration against the market’s ethos of constant connection and overbearing permission to indulge. Pornography at the limits of capitalism and cybernetics; choosing a date reduced to a casual fusion of shopping and gaming. Songs like “Sex Negative” offer a meta-thematic confrontation with the proto-incel themes of some industrial music. Other tracks such as “I Hate What You Like” are less heady, airing a rageful annoyance at the constant push-pull between enlightened criticism and ‘just letting people like things’.

Musically, “Animal God” maps out a space between the slinking mid-tempo grind of “Concrete Jungle”-era DIVE and the guilt ballads of “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails. Drawing on themes from Michael Mann’s 1986 masterpiece “Manhunter,” the speaker in all six original songs tries to face up to the disturbing (and increasingly forgotten) reality that we’re more like the monsters we deplore than we’d usually care to admit. Occupying an underworld of shadowy, whispering ambiguity the track list plays like an unearthed chest of lost disclosures.

Disorientation hangs over every word in “Hide From The Light”, an intimate, depressive, polar bookend to the album’s detached, hedonistic opener “Exposure”. The menacing cover of Red 7′s “Heartbeat” casts the original song’s portrayal of romantic desire in an even more grim light than when it appeared in the end credits of “Manhunter”.

The album is rounded out by eviscerating remixes from Statiqbloom & SARIN.

Digital Album

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Gegen Mann -  New Ethic

Gegen Mann is a Moscow based producer and DJ. Member of Warehouse Moscow community. Co-founder of Maxima Culpa records.

Digital Album

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Luminance - Crystal Magic

Objet Trouvé is a label from Berlin releasing synth, wave, minimal and experimental music.

Luminance is a band from Brussels, Belgium, that was born in 2012. Their music could be described as Cold Wave, Synthpop, Ambient and Dark Electronics.

Digital Album

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