Principia Audiomatica - Distorted Information

Miljenko Rajakovic aka Dj Mary (co-founder of Implant Code project on Minus Habens Records & electronic-industrial DJ in various European clubs, and only surviving member today of dark ambient project TeHÔM, and real oldschool electro side project Marythmetic) and Siniša Očuršćak (founder of the TeHÔM project on NER/World Serpent, Professor of philosophy at Jezuit University for Philosophy in Zagreb, editor of the book “The mind-body problem in contemporary philosophy”) were active minds behind the PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA electronic experimental project. They were together creating frozen at parts lost, minimalistic electronic structures and soundscapes, they also have managed to infuse them with the mind-absorbing electro rhythms, thus creating 1st album which is a truly effective and impressive audio experience.

Unfortunately after “Systematic Sonority”, their first CD album work 1995 for the Italian label Minus Habens Records. fate has chosen another path. Siniša died of cancer in the 1997. and much later on, after recovering from the tragic loss of his longtime friend and collaborator, Miljenko has reactivated Principia Audiomatica project in the year 2010 with some remixes and new tracks.

Beginning of 2012 PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA made a new remix for Die-6- spanish artist on his 1st Album with some other interesting international legendary electronic artists and acts like: Lagowski, Absolute Body Control, Esplendor Geometrico, Geistform, Plastic Noise Experience, HIV+…

In 2012-2104 Principia Audiomatica start working also on a new materials for incoming second album release in twenty years! This new release sounds like Kraftwerk, Clock DVA, Drexciya or early Anthony Rother.

CD / Digital Album

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Neue Strassen - Modern Zeiten

Werner Karloff is an artist located in México city , his musical style is based on music from artists like Stratis , Andy arroganti ,circuit 7 etc… also some artistic influences such as Futurism, Constructivism and German Expressionism.

Neue strassen is a band formed by Dan Shamble (guitar) and Werner karloff (synthetizer , voice). His musical style is influenced by NDW scene and the minimal synth scene in the mid-80s in general. The band name was taken from the song Neue Strassen of Metropackt.

LP / Digital Album

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Karma - King Rambo Sound

Latest addition to Unknown Precept’s ever-growing community is Sendai’s newcomer King Rambo Sound, ultimately making his way to the European audience by becoming the fifth installation in our ongoing tape series.

Member of the far-off Aoba Nu Noise DJs collective in Japan, Atsushi Akama’s boiling technique is genuinely agitated and does not get embarrassed by exaggerated narratives. Instead, the Japanese producer has been following some sort of empirical approach as if to better disconcert us. Leading to tracks running out of breath on seductive epileptic rhythms, crashing abruptly into the wall. Akama, by being as minimalist and unadorned as possible, manages to capture what makes the strength of rhythmic noise and modern electronic music. Layering a jumble of styles with intense strokes of snares and to-the-ground wobbly bass lines, ‘Karma’ does taste and smell of molten steel and burnt samplers.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Der Himmel Über Berlin - Amnesia

Der Himmel Über Berlin are a band coming from extreme north-east of Italy whose name explicitly reveals their attraction to middle-european sonority and atmosphere even though their lyrics are in english. Their sound takes us to postpunk based on the likes of early Bauhaus, Christian Death, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, but with a contemporary twist, which makes them easily placed on the musical map and keeps them original nevertheless.

In 2012 Der Himmel release their first studio album “Memories Never Fade”. After a radical change in their line up they record a live album in Milano’s historical Shelter Club in November of 2013, a natural consequence of extensive touring in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

CD / Digital Album

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I Tpame I Tvrame - Future Attitude

‘I Tpame I Tvrame’ is a duo, formed in early March, 2016 by Franc Kurti (Tirana, Albania) and Dina Hajrullahu (Prishtina, Kosovo).

Since we met each other in 2015, we could feel a musical connection between us. We had the same musical chemistry. So we started to create our own music. The sound of I Tpame I Tvrame comes from a very wide range of music that has influenced us throughout our lives, from post-punk, to grunge, trip hop, darkwave, minimal wave, techno, industrial, shoegaze, experimental and all the good and innovative music; anything that would sound different to us. So we take small pieces from everything that fascinates us and from all our experiences that we go through together, and try to put them into life with music.

Digital Album

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