Group A - Initiation

Group A was formed in 2012 when art student and musician Tommi Tokyo (synths, drum machines, vocals) met textile design graduate Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler, tapes) and her friend Kaoru. Inspired by radical art movements of 20th century, Tommi’s idea was to form a new band with non-musicians in attempt to approach music differently. Since their first performance at gallery COMMUNE in Tokyo, the project has explored the possibilities in breaking the preconceptions of live performance. The group (A) attempts to subvert the boundary between musical performance and performance art incorporating use of the body, live-painting, noise, acoustics, and poetry in their formative performances.

They create a unique mixture of dark minimal synth and avant-noise with striking visuals and stage performances. Group A carries on the very breath of early pioneers and the Japanese underground scene from the early 80’s.

LP / Digital Album

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Offermose - Stilhedens Tårn

Offermose channels the liquid light of a million souls. Casting dark repetitive spells, summoning long forgotten apparitions from the ever-flowing mist of eternity.

After two EPs and the critically and publicly acclaimed debut album “Mørkt Forår” (2018), Offermose is back with a new offering, ‘Stilhedens Tårn’. The sophomore album due on October 16th of this year.

Disonant howls from the charred ruins of the Berlin School era, penetrates the heavy fog of the Dungeon Synth lineage. The edges of our comprehension burns. Poisonous black smoke evaporates into cosmic emptiness. This is the coming of a new Dark Age.

12″ EP / CD / Digital Album

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Uncanny Valleys (Vol. I)

“Uncanny Valleys” compilation series is related to the theory introduced by japanese robotitian Mori Masahiro back in 1970, referring to the paradoxical perception of the existing similarities between a robot and human beings.

Hereby graphically represented in the artwork as the moment the curve goes under the horizontal axis, Sven incorporated human and non-human elements with collage technique, blurring the line where humans and robots differ.

This first opus is made out of Techno-EBM tracks spanning from old school EBM identity to a more contemporary approach of body music.

Digital Album

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Transmission - Cosmos

Transmission is Sandrine Deville solo synthwave/dark-wave project, from Biarritz, France.

CD / Digital Album

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El Ojo Y La Navaja - Esquizia

El Ojo y la Navaja is a minimal electronics project formed by the musician Erick Arévalo at the beginning of the year 2017 in the State of Mexico.

The project is mainly influenced by the minimal synth and post punk scene of the 80s since that the sound essence of the Project is inspired by the cold and mechanical rhythms made from synthesizers and old and modern rhythm boxes.

The aesthetic of El Ojo y la Navaja is nourished by other artistic manifestations such as cinema and literature since the name of the project is taken from a scene from the classic short film “Un Chien Andaluz” directed by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.

CD / Digital Album

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