DKA is proud to present to you the second release from Newboy! Borrowing inspiration from Samuel Delaney’s Dhalgren, Texan Acidheads, Art-Damaged Synth Punk, and Experimental Industrial Cassette Innovators like Portion Control, Newboy delivers us a unique, sample strewn EP. While Newboy’s debut, 2019’s Funky Bullshit, was a combination of self-imposed limitation and loose experimentation, this sophomore release feels more focused. Not as hung up on the bullshit, these recordings have a more forward and funky appeal.

Often seen peering over his glasses, Newboy aka Greg Vand, can be recognized as a member of DKA alumni Din and High-Functioning Flesh. Needless to say we are fans and excited to bring this EP to both digital and limited cassette formats!

Cassette / Digital Album

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We think we can all relate to needing more when we feel there’s not much to life, yet it’s about finding beauty in the little things in life.
This song goes to all addicts: addicts to drugs, alcohol, love, hate, sadness, anything. Anyone battling isolation. You’re not alone.
Let’s dance until we drop.
Let’s love until we dance.
Let’s drop until we love.

Digital Album

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ImiAFan - Te Is Tudod

The Slovakian-Hungarian ImiAFan minimal electro/synthpop project has been active in the underground music scene for more than 20 years. After some vinyls on Slovakian, French and Dutch labels here is their CD Te is tudod released by the Hungarian Senkrecht Records. The album contains 10 tracks, the lyrics are based on Slovakian, Hungarian and German poems. The songs (recorded between 2013 and 2019) reflect the cooperation of Imi Vegh and Miki Bernath.

Minimal synth hymns, catchy synthpop tunes, dark electro vibrations, pumping EBM beats – a mesmerizing journey through electronic landscapes.


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The NE-21 - In The Realm Of Electricity

The NE-21 return to She Lost Kontrol after their first pitch-perfect 80s dark wave release in 2016. After releasing a collaboration with Donato Dozzy with the project ‘Men with Secrets’ at the beginning of the year, the duo lands on the label with their new work “In The Realm of Electricity”. The album is a collection of 8 tracks composed and recorded between 2012 and 2020 at the Sy6 studio in Boscoreale. The outcome is a perfect blend of synth pop and minimal wave, filled with icy synths, shuddering bass, and anthemic vocals, ranging from mumbled vocoder to arch talk-singing.

While diverse in atmospheric scope, swells of ghostly synths circle the driving beat throughout, producing a haunting totality drenched in an ethereal midnight trance; the submerge of cold, spectral vocals sing within the darkest depths of a starry soundscape – the gloomy romanticism of low, distant vocals bursting with post-punk melancholia.

The track’s unease between purpose and utility create a discrete synthesis, and, like a piece of speculative fiction, the memory of the body and its coalescence with the future become prime motives for this liquid age. Akin to Ballard or Philipp K. Dick, the work is not only dreamlike and surreal, but vocally sinister, as if this spectrum of LUSH new wave ‘80s pop and Almond-style weirdness hides a truth waiting to be grasped. , the work is not only dreamlike and surreal, but vocally sinister, as if this spectrum of lush new wave ‘80s pop and Almond-style weirdness hides a truth waiting to be grasped.

The album in essence sounds unashamedly distinctive, unique and charming. Whether you fall in love with the whole act or you’re just stunned by the bizarreness of it all, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be compelled and gripped right to the infectiously smutty end.

12″ / Digital Album

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Mirror Of Haze - The End Is the Beginning

Behind shuttered windows and closed doors, our distant memories are slowly drifting into the void of reality. Thrown upside down in the air, we are floating between rational thinking and chaos. There is no present, past, or future, just this elusive feeling of eternal loneliness. The flowers bloom and fade away an infinite number of times, across infinite time and space. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Our attempts to break the circle bring us to the place where it all started. Forever lost in the maze of life, unseen and unknown, this very moment is already forgotten.

“The End Is the Beginning” is the debut album of post-punk/gothic rock project Mirror of Haze from Oslo, Norway. Recorded in isolation during the pandemic months of 2020, it captures the mood of this strange and unprecedented time of modern history. From the first song Mirror of Haze sets up both anxious and ethereal atmosphere, filled with reverb-drenched dreamy guitars, driving bass lines, rhythmic drum machine beats, and commanding vocals. In the guitar driven sound of the record you can hear musical textures reminiscent of acts from previous decades such as The Chameleons and The Fields Of The Nephilim, and modern artists like Drab Majesty and Then Comes Silence.

Lyrically, the album builds on eternal philosophical questions of life and death in the dystopian post apocalyptic setting, taking inspiration from the striking imagery of “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot.

CD / Digital Album

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