Factice Factory - Cherry Picker

Factice Factory is a French / Swiss band ,The project finds mainly its influences in the movements of the early 80′s such as Cold Wave, Minimal Wave and Post Punk.

This 7” contains two previously unreleased tracks, namely « Cherry Picker » and « Baustein ».

7″ / Digital Album

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Faten Kanaan - Pleiade Hex 6

Pleiade Hex 6 is comprised of mostly instrumental ‘suites’ that are narrative in nature.

Cyclical patterns are central to the compositions: exploring harmony and counterpoint as they ebb & are reincarnated, shadows cast by silences and textures, and the perpetual return to the heart/core.

Loosely inspired by medieval canons/rounds and Baroque structures, the album hovers between ambient/electronic experimentations and semi-classical traditions.

Digital Album

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Saint McCabe - Self-titled

Debut EP from DIY Synthpop singer from Northern England, living in a small town in Scotland. Influenced by dark Cold Wave records and trashy Eurovision semi-finalists.

Digital Album

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Martial Canterel - Lost At Sea

Since composer Sean McBride unveiled his first utterance as Martial Canterel almost 2 decades ago, he has produced a body of work both substantial and alluring within the field of live analogue electronic music. Effortlessly fusing a variety of styles and influences, Martial Canterel is one of the premiere outfits utilizing analogue electronics and modular synthesizers. In particular FM synthesis is employed to produce clustered polyphonies and organic atmospheres – a staple of his signature style.

Three years have passed since Martial Canterel’s last full length album Gyors, Lassù was released on Dais Records. During this down time, McBride found himself in a state of flux, ebbing back and forth between material displacement and musical aestheticism. His expert pedigree in electronic sound and arrangement bridges the gap created by an undecidability between life at home and abroad – his new album, Lost At Sea, is an attempt for the artist to locate common ground, mutating fable with reality, exteriority and interiority.


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Bionda e Lupo - Die Kinder Aus Dem Park

Bionda e Lupo are like little you’ll have heard before, a boy/girl band like no other. Synth wave is fed a line of modern alienation, delusory disco to a disdainful drum beat, house emptied and ridiculed. Rhythms are stark, melodies are as mechanical as the lyrics. “Zug Der Vogel” is sparse, vocals intertwine in an empty embrace whilst bars sparkle. “Twoi Glasza” is more playful. Bright words shimmer against sweeping strings. The past is parodied across the EP but nowhere more so than in “Die Kinder Aus Dem Park.” A former classic dug out before being peppered by machine gun percussion. The stilted rhyme of “Eckstein” closes, a ballad of bittersweet images and lost hopes.

EP / Digital Album

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