Skrattar - Skrattar og Djöfullinn Sjálfur

Laughing is the confirmation of the bottomless void and confirmation of the individual’s victory over it. You, they and we together, have realized that nothing matters as soon as it matters. Being on the right side of the zero is inevitable. You lose here and there, but in addition you work there and here.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Santiago - Life, Money, Work

Santiago Leyba makes his vinyl debut on the label following the ‘Rooms’ tape released earlier this year. Recorded simultaneously, ‘Life, Money, Work’ shows the New York-based artist by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico, portraying the different characters one might have in a broken mind.

Sketching a strong criticism of America by means of disorienting vocals and slow-paced D.I.Y. electronics, SANTIAGO finds him performing alter-egos of sorts — ranging from forlorn ballad singing, to more guttural and strained barking seeking to describe a conflict in maintaining a unified persona. Paid labor, sex, and consumer goods. How America tells you to grow up when there is nothing left but complacency and oppression through economic and social means. It all goes down to the shortcomings of humanity, the tangled webs we weave, the impossibility of justice and fairness, and the pressure those things put upon ourselves.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Santiago - Rooms

New York-based Santiago Leyba becomes the sixth installation in our ongoing tape series. Picturing delusional struggles and states of duress, ‘Rooms’ was recorded in complete social isolation and comes ahead of a 12-inch release to be released next month. Lost in a perception of changed reality and dead-end labyrinths of thoughts, SANTIAGO’s persona splits into pieces and relates to the claustrophobia and paranoia that contemporary life inspires.

How it takes a toll on us all. The slowness and uncomfortable nature of the music, excruciating decay, makes it incredibly uncomfortable but weirdly familiar too, or feels like it is moving through places we have all been before. Cycles of shame, guilt, financial trouble, fragmented relationships. Paranoid impressions of modern life that manifests as music with an uncanny resemblance or nod to contemporary techno and electronic sounds. A rotting mannequin resembling music.

Cassette / Digital Album

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I Tpame I Tvrame - Self-titled

Here is the first LP release from I Tpame I Tvrame.

I Tpame I Tvrame is a duo formed on early March 2016 by Dina Hajrullahu and Franc Kurti. ‘I Tpame I Tvrame’ is Albanian slang that means “To kill someone with only one look”.

Casette / Digital Album

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Le Prince Harry - Synthetic Love

This one is the awesome latest of Prince Harry, the infamous Synth Punk duo from Liège aka Toxcity.

Comes with an astonishing eyestabbing artwork by Mr Elzo Durt, as usual!

LP / Digital Album

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