Dystopia in Action

The first X-IMG vinyl is the result of over a year’s worth of planning culminating in a tightly curated 6 track compilation. “Dystopia in Action” is the 12” successor to the previous & internationally focused “Self-Aware” cassette compilation series, featuring artists who have been part of the label’s slow yet steady cult like spread over the last 5 years. Also included on the compilation are more established artists previously unreleased by the label such as Qual & Kris Baha.

The 12” v/a serves as a laser guided & bludgeoning sampler of fresh underground acts operating within the wider scope of club oriented contemporary dark electronic music. Artists from Colombia, Greece, Denmark, Canada, France & Germany are represented here.

LP / Digital Album

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Staatseinde - Darüber Reden Wir Nicht

“From a galaxy far away, they came to earth and decided to stay”.You could call them Visitors… but they might have arrived here long before we did.

Staatseinde spent their recent earth time creating their third EP called Darüber Reden Wir Nicht. Combining their own Neue Niederländische Welle with synthwave and EBM, these three extraterrestrial musicians adapted four European languages to spread their message.

First track on the A-side is Staatsanthem, a heroic soundtrack meant as a hymn to their home planet. Next up is title track Darüber Reden Wir Nicht, followed by No Return. Two bold, minimalistic EBM like tracks performed in a much harder style than they’ve ever done before. Moving to B-side. Laat Het Gebeuren warns about the selfdestructive nature of mankind, and sometimes mother earth answers. Grenztruppenführer is about the strict door policies that some nightclubs have, a wall between east and west, politics versus freedom, will you get in? Grenztruppenführer decides. Closing off with Vi Åker Dit, which started off as the Swedish translation of their hitsong Ruimtevaart Vooruit. A call to fly away, to another dimension.

Even though this EP was created on earth, it’s already much spoken about beyond the boundaries of our solar system… and now it will find you.

EP / Digital Album

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The Rorschach Garden - A pleasant Day in Oblivion

Here’s 10 cover tracks of the all time favourite songs of The Rorschach Garden, a solo synthpop project from Bielefeld, Germany.

Digital Album [free download]

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Crime Violente Vol​.​4

This compilation from Up North Records, an independent tape label based in Melbourne, Australia, is featuring 11 track of raw EBM and lo-fi acid house.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Dona feat. Aloth - Mindscapes

Dona Aka Dj Plant Texture’s debut on Mannequin is the result of an effective true love for the early Chicago Acid and Jackbeat, mixed with textures of EBM and Cold Wave.

“Mindscapes”, featuring the haunted vocals of Aloth, represents a trip into states of consciousness and psychiatric diseases. Ispired by some reports describing America’s Mental health System during the latest 70’s, the EP is a blend of analog machines, forced to create the perfect jam session.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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