The Spoiled - Parasite

The Spoiled is an Italian solo project founded in late 2015 by main producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Giovanni Santolla.

Its musical framework is a mosaic of darkwave, noise rock, dark ambient and industrial combined with a deep love for surrealist and horror movies and Decadent literature.

Glacial drum machines, tribal percussions, chorused basses, distorted synths and ethereal vocals portray a claustrophobic yet melancholic journey through the deepest and darkest feelings of human being.

Digipack CD / Digital Album

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Vandal Moon - Teenage Daydream Conspiracy

Vandal Moon, inspired by the darker acts of the post-punk & dark wave scene of the early 80’s, announce the release date of their fourth album via Werkstatt Recordings. ‘Teenage Daydream Conspiracy’ is the follow-up to ‘The LSD EP’, chosen by as one of the “top albums of 2014”. Their new full length LP, available June 19th, features the analog synth stylings of Logan Sky.

Vandal Moon is an American band founded in 2012 by Blake Voss in Santa Cruz, California. As its main singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Voss is the only official member of the group and remains solely responsible for its direction. Vandal Moon borrows sounds from such acts as The Cure, John Carpenter, The Chameleons, and David Bowie.

Limited Edition Casette / Limited Edition CD / Digital Album

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Amato - Le Desordre et La Nuit

Cititrax is proud to present a four song debut EP by The Hacker‘s new project called Amato. Influenced by early EBM, German techno and new wave, Michel Amato aka The Hacker began producing tracks under his new moniker Amato in 2014. The first one to be released, called Physique, came out in 2015 on the Cititrax Tracks Volume One EP and was a dancefloor success.

On this forthcoming EP, entitled “Le Desordre et La Nuit”, Amato integrates his love of the new wave to form four ebm tinged techno funk hits. Very dancefloor friendly, these tracks take pop elements reminiscent of Belgian body music and bring them to the present day. Amato shines as a producer here, as he has so many times before. It’s an absolute honor for us to release this debut project. Artwork is sourced from photographs taken in NYC in the 1980s with layout by Veronica Vasicka. The release is limited to 999 copies pressed on 160 gram silver vinyl, and accompanied by jackets printed on a matte heavyweight cardstock printed sleeve.

12″ Vinyl EP

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Ripe Vessel - Self-Titled

Ripe Vessel is an electronic band lead by Severine Saliva which emerged from the depths of Los Angeles in 2016.

Digital Album

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Low Factor - Leçons du tonnerre

Here’s the second release from Low Factor, a synth wave project based in Montreal, Québec.

12″ Vinyl LP / Digital Album

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