Ash Code - Perspektive

Ash Code is the moniker for the meeting of Alessandro’s sensivity and Claudia’s taste. Their music describe a collage of darkwave, noise and electronic music with a solid drum machine. Dark ballads and obsessive beats, deep and melancholic synths, noise and distortions, arpeggiators and delays. Lights and shades. Dances of Death. Visions and theatricality. Coded ash.

LP / Digital Album

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D'Arcangelo - Somewhere in Time

An even division of harsh, industrial electronix tracks, and warm, melodic electro/synthpop tracks.

CD / Digital Album

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Tracks Volume Three

Cititrax is excited to present the third in a series of four song samplers showcasing the talents of some of the most innovative producers of the moment. Cititrax: Tracks Volume Three features the a powerful new collaboration between Amato (aka The Hacker) and Mariana Saldana (Medio Mutante, Boan), the brutal industrial techno of Barcelona based British producer The Sixteen Steps, a Polish mastermind based in Miami known as His Dirty Secrets, and the NYC underground duo Further Reductions (Shawn O’Sullivan and Katie Rose). The overall sound can be described as modern, uncompromising and guttural. Each artist reinvents dance music by bringing their own unique vision to the floor.


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Rue Oberkampf - Waveclash

Inspired by cold wave and 80s dancefloor ecstasy, Rue Oberkampf have been creating audiovisual structures since the end of 2016. Their lyrics address emotional states shaped by forlornness and contemplation and take their influence from French fin de siècle literature. Rue Oberkampf create pieces between buildup, rapture and tranquility, transcending genre boundaries.

EP / CD / Digital Album

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Autopanik - Insinuation

Here’s the first release from Autopanik, a minimal wave duo from Berlin.

7″ / Digital Album

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