De Sang Froid ‎– Vox Dei

Killer french minimal / industrial / electro tunes from A// aka Le Syndicat Electronique, French precursor musician and performer, at work since 1996, and founder of the labels Hiératique and Invasion Planète Recordings.

Born in November 2018 at the same time as the French Yellow Vest Revolution, A// renews the industrial genre by his avant-gardism and his uncompromising vision of a refined music at its strict minimum, without artifices, without compromise in the sounds and words used.

Recommended to fans of Dopplereffekt, Beta Evers, I-F, Umwelt and Legowelt.

LP / Digital Album

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Black Egg + Beta Evers ‎– Secrets In Bloom

Black Egg is a musical collective and allegorically ritualistic concept based in France, made up of Usher San (Anthon Shield / Die Puppe / Norma Loy) Corina Nenuphar (Ghost Actor) Peter Render and All von Phillox. Since their inception in 2014, they have assembled several releases on respected labels aufnahme + wiedergabe and Unknown Pleasures.

Beta Evers from Southern Germany works alone, without any producers involved. Her genre-defying style is (perhaps) somewhere between electro and minimal wave. Besides her solo work, she contributes tirelessly to collaborative projects such as, Black Spider Clan, Zwischenwelt (with Heinrich Mueller), Flying Bodies, Radikale Analog Fraktion and Black Pond. Beta Evers is also known for her labels Kommando 6 (which she started in 2000) and Bodyvolt.

12″ / Digital Album

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This Is The Bridge – The New Brutalism, Part Two

This is The Bridge is a solo and collaborative electronic music project based in the London area, but with roots in Liverpool. It began in 2013, exploring a ‘primitive electronic’ DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers. From 2016 onward, new material has also been released on TONN Recordings in Belfast.

‘The New Brutalism, Part Two’ is the sequel to an earlier collection of music self-released in September 2015.

Digital Album

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Shatterday ‎– Not All Innovation Is Progress

Here’s the latest album from Shatterday, a synthwave project from Greece.

10″ / Cassette / Digital Album

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Cry – Dusk Till Dawn

Cry, best newcomer! Hail from Brussels, Belgium.

After several shows with Lithics, Intelligence, Vintage Crop, Rays, and Vanilla Poppers to name a few, the band recorded 4 tracks. 4 super wild synth punk ravers, reminiscent of the Aussie scene, Nun, Spotting, Ubik and leading us to think to greats such as Black Abba, Lost Sounds, Causey Way.


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