Crash Course In Science - Situational Awareness

With Situational Awareness, post-punk legends Crash Course In Science deliver a ten track album consisting entirely of brand new material. The songs on Situational Awareness sound crisp and ultra-fresh, while the band from Philadelphia, USA, maintains their distinctive DIY sound created by toys, kitchen appliances and self-built synths. Far beyond new wave, the music is experimental and danceable at the same time – science and art, together hand in hand.

LP / Digital Album

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Karger Traum - Such A Dream

Karger Traum is Blake Lusk and Taylor McKenzie from Oklahoma City. The project began when Blake invited Taylor to improvise vocals over his solo project, Holy Siege. Taylor’s style of improvising lyrics in German fit well with Blake’s minimal, throbbing productions and the pair decided to forge ahead as Karger Traum. Despite wearing the obvious Einstürzende Neubauten, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, and Suicide influences proudly on their sleeve they have managed to create a sound that has as much forward momentum as it does reverence for the past. After releasing “Alles Auf Einmal” on Blake’s label, Tape Gun Records, they recorded “Such A Dream” for DKA.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Zoltan Freitag - Real or False

Zoltan Freitag is a one-man-project begun in the early nineties but came to a final synthesis only in the last year and a half. Exploring melodic lines and analogue or analogue-like paths trying to create a bridge between past (the 80ies) and present.

Digital Album

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Pink Fink - Self-titled

Delving into the dark underworld, their premier full-length album is a collaboration with the evil spirits summoned through voodoo séances. Conjure up the dark side with eight trax of ominous analog funk!

LP / Digital Album

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Ventre De Biche - 333, Mi Homme, Mi Bête

Entre dessin, tentatives collectives ou Soundclouds privés, Luca Retraite, électron libre de la Triple Alliance de l’Est, produit inlassablement dans toutes les directions des OVNI qui font mouche à chaque fois. Ventre de Biche (alias romantico-ville dortoir) nous sert pour la seconde fois un pur produit de son imaginaire prolifique.

Ici, c’est la France des ronds points, des mains moites et des abris-bus qu’il s’approprie et revendique. Sur la froidure des instrus, il pose le réalisme de ses paroles qu’il enrubanne de Vocoder : une urgence à laquelle répond un vide absolu, une vacuité de l’existence sur fond de Bontempi.

Une bien belle bande son pour l’automne qui s’annonce !

LP / Digital Album

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