Lovers Revenge - Lovers Revenge

Tired of the sun & the fakeness of their city, this Miami based duo emerge from the underground to provide a nice & melancholic atmosphere, bringing us back to the dark american’s 80′s movies.

The bands influences consist of venting out about relationships gone bad, mixed emotions of love and hate, and together, combining them with darkwave like sounds.

Each track has its own story, let yourself begin the trip….

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Tonight is The Last Night

Impersonate or Die is producing music for the darkness that we all breed inside, a one man project based in Athens,managed by Nick Stonem.

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Romance Moderne Compilation II

The best Romance Moderne productions between 2013 and 2014 including Secret Soviet Army, To Feed a Neon Forest, Lovers Revenge, Ruble Gang, Echö, H ø R D, Lovers Revenge, Exotic Club and Ruble Gang.

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To Feed A Neon Forest

To Feed A Neon Forest is the project of English born, Finnish based musician, DJ and producer Alec Kyle Sibbald.

Starting out as both a musician in various punk and no-wave bands and a disco and Italo DJ, Alec was very active in the music and DJ-scene of Brighton England.

After moving to Helsinki Finland, Alec found himself in a new country without his close circle of musical friends and decided to start creating music on his own, manifesting his love of no-wave, post punk, minimal synth and Italo-disco into To Feed A Neon Forest.

The songs are romantically melancholy, telling stories of frustration, love, loss and indifference sung in a deep apathetic tone, musically accompanied by complex, minimal uptempo compositions all performed on various 80’s synthesizers and drum machines.

Currently To Feed A Neon Forest is working on a live set with other musicians with the intention of playing as a band and bringing the energy and no-wave punk ethos of the music to the live performance.

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Adam & Eve LP

One half of the band Kill Memory Crash, Circa Tapes explores the texture and aesthetic of tape recordings lost in today’s production techniques.

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