SBTDOH - Kill; We Care Not

A sterling collection of clipped and broken harsh noise sentence fragments from the nether regions of the pacific northwest.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Violetiger - Transformation

The debut from this Vienna based duo finds Violet Candide aka Peppy Pep Pepper, also from Mitra Mitra teaming up with the enigmatic Tigerlilly to bring us 5 tracks of stark, hook-filled, DIY, minimal synth greatness. A stellar introduction to this new project.

12″ / Digital Album

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Staring Problem - Eclipse

Early goth overtones, proto-shoegaze allure and raw DIY production have informed this incredible collection of songs. With themes ranging from flora and fauna, love and loss to science fiction, Staring Problem gives us their strongest work to date in celebration of their and Modern Tapes’ 10th year not only in collaboration but in existence.

LP / Digital Album

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LANA – Self-titled

A 6 songs, 1 track tribute to Lana Tisdel. An imagining of a forlorn and angry karaoke set. Blown out and lonely. Distorted synthesizers and drum machines wail away.

The scene is a karaoke bar where Brandon Teena’s lost love sings to her former lover hoping she can mean what she sings enough that Brandon will hear it. The room is smoky and everyone is a little drunk, but everyone sits rapt as Lana spills out her heart through a set of old favorites.

Digital Album

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Peppy Pep Pepper ‎– Granny Chic

The second solo release (the first was on Transformer Music) by 1/2 of Mitra Mitra and Violetiger. Cold and beautiful synth and drum machine constructions from Vienna’s one and only Violet Candide.

Digital Album

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