Mitra Mitra

Debut full length from this Vienna based minimal synth duo.

Listen and order here.

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Unur - Halt And Start

The latest installment of dismal tales from Modern Tapes’ resident anti-troubador. Minimal songs for complicated people. One person and a handful of machines and strings.

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Portable Morla - Confront The World

Portable Morla produces digital torch songs to light data-rich landscapes, think of them as imaginary soundtracks for romantic indie flicks involving real-life nerds. Her music soars with golden wings of synthetic romance in an ethereal, wonderfully sentimental space intersecting the neon balladry of the 1980s robotic soul movement. This is the sort of music we fall in love to.

Limited edition of 100 pink cassettes and printed O card.

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Cellule 34 - Self-titled

Collection of otherwise erratically released tracks by this brussels-based minimalist post-punk artist. some have been on compilations or only available online. Blue cassette with offset printed O Card, includes insert and download. Limited edition of 100 split release with Spielzeug Muzak.

Listen and order here.

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Unur - The Key Broke Off In The Lock

A new offering from Unur. Based primarily on isolation and eradication. Four songs. One new, industrial-tinged serving of synth punk. An oddly cryptic cover/reinterpretation. A more improvised all synth version of “Meanwhile…”. And finally, an instrumental edit of a live recording on an EMS Synthi and modern modular synth.

Listen and order here.

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