Unur - Halt And Start

The latest installment of dismal tales from Modern Tapes’ resident anti-troubador. Minimal songs for complicated people. One person and a handful of machines and strings.

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Unur - The Key Broke Off In The Lock

A new offering from Unur. Based primarily on isolation and eradication. Four songs. One new, industrial-tinged serving of synth punk. An oddly cryptic cover/reinterpretation. A more improvised all synth version of “Meanwhile…”. And finally, an instrumental edit of a live recording on an EMS Synthi and modern modular synth.

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Unur- No Human Self

Friends, today we find the tape and digital release of the follow-up to Unur’s two previous Modern Tapes Eps/Genetic Music 12″. This is the first proper full length to come from this nomadic one person band.

13 new songs of further evolved post-wave noir, created from an eclectic mix of vintage and modern analogue synthesizers washed with a haze of ever increasing guitar buzz. This is the next step.

Listen and order here.

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