Alexandra Feusi - Hello Sunday

Painter, DJ & musician Alexandra Feusi, a Swiss-Polish artist based in Vienna makes her debut on Iptamenos Discos with her debut single “Hello Sunday”. 

The second release in the recently launched single series for Iptamenos Discos, the track falls somewhere between disco, indie dance, house, and electronica and features melancholic vocals which contrast with an upbeat and joyful melody and a bouncy and energetic bassline, creating an atmosphere that blurs the line between happy and sad and leaves the emotional meaning and intention of the song up to the interpretation of the listener.

The song was written in Vienna in April 2020 and was born out of heartbreak and loneliness. Feeling a deep sense of isolation due to the borders of her home country Switzerland being closed and her flatmates having left to be with their families, Alexandra felt trapped within the situation with no means of escape, how a bug must feel when they have flown into something they cannot flee from. 

“Hello Sunday” was created to process this peculiar predicament she found herself in and found relief after subsequently reflecting on this feeling and finding humour in the fact that in a moment of despair she somehow found herself strongly resonating with a bug. She came to the realisation that it is easy to forget that no one is special or alone in these feelings, even if you feel as if you are “the only bug in a world of bugs”.

Alexandra is currently studying at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, and the cover artwork incorporates her paintings. Alexandra talks about how both her music and art have the same origin, both are art and are equally important, serving as inspiration and energy for each other.

Digital Album

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Kalipo - WUT

Kalipo is back on Iptamenos Discos, this time with a solo EP named ‘WUT’ (which means rage in german), featuring a stylistically diverse selection of dark disco tracks which provide a healthy dose of everything from heavy percussion to dark atmospheric sounds to joyful tones, as well as featuring transfixing vocals from Joy Tyson and Local Suicide.

Refreshingly unexpected, this release stays true to Kalipo’s rich signature blend of influences, textures and sounds. The artist does not let himself be defined, straddling the line between house, techno and disco influences for a unique sound that earned him critical acclaim and made him a staple of clubs and festivals all around the globe. He is also a founding member of the renowned German electro punk band Frittenbude and is producing for the esteemed and part of the up and coming dark disco project Dina Summer. His vast discography currently encompasses 5 albums as well as countless singles and remixes released on labels including Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, Audiolith Records, Get Physical, Stil for Talent among others. His live sets exclusively feature his own tracks and are an exciting and unique construction of his originals and remixes which are a little different every time, but never fail to provide a captivating performance.

Digital Album

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Wiener Planquadrat - Ein Weites Feld

The Austrian DJ/producer duo Wiener Planquadrat consisting of Michael Weiler and Maximilian Atteneder are the first to feature on Iptamenos Discos’ new single series with ‘Ein Weites Feld’, a powerful single that presents a fusion of sounds from dark disco, electro, acid and house.

Showcasing a wide variety of analogue sounds and synths, the track builds an euphoric and futuristic atmosphere, featuring striking percussion that gives the track a feeling of weight as well as utilising a vocal that blurs the line between human and robot. The song continuously builds up the energy with a flurry of arpeggiators, sweeping pads and acid basslines, giving the listener the sense that they are breaking free from the atmosphere and launching off into space, as if they are floating away in zero gravity.

Wiener Planquadrat has built their sound over a variety of successful releases including their debut hit single ‘Stillstand’ and the follow up EP ‘Dschungel’, as well as many remixes and collaborations with artists such as Local Suicide, You Man, Kalipo, Dina Summer, Oberst & Buchner & Ali X. In recent times they have been DJing and playing live shows in Berlin, Paris, Thessaloniki, and Vienna as well as focusing on the production of their debut album.

‘Ein Weites Feld’ will release via Iptamenos Discos on digital and streaming platforms on August 8th, 2023 and will feature the original mix, a radio edit and an instrumental mix.

Digital Album

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Local Suicide & Skelesys -  In Space We Roam

Collaboration of Local Suicide (wild fusion of new wave, acid, slow techno, EBM & postdisc) and Skelesys (synthpop / darkwave), both from Berlin, Germany.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Dina Summer - Rimini

Dina Summer, the collaborative band project between Kalipo and DJ couple Local Suicide, announces their exciting debut album “Rimini”. The LP is a unique blend of their influences, drawing from 80’s disco, 90’s electro, new wave and downbeat for a fun, nostalgic and dark retro sound.

The Berlin-based project is fronted by Dina P, who lends her vocals and thought-provoking lyricism to the act. The Greek native first started performing as a teenager on local radio stations, where she made waves as one of the first women DJs in Thessaloniki. She later moved to Berlin, meeting her husband and DJ/Producer partner, Brax Moody, to form Local Suicide. The third member of Dina Summer is Bavarian-born Kalipo, who started his music career as the producer and a band member of the German electro-punk band Frittenbude. While the trio initially met at a rave at the Rock am Ring festival in 2013, they only began working on music together in 2019 and have since been refining their combined sound.

Dina Summer’s “Rimini” offers a nostalgic and beautifully crafted journey through retro disco sonics, incorporating synth pop, new wave, and disco elements for funky, upbeat, and versatile tracks that can be enjoyed beachside or on the dance floor.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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