Iptamenos Discos: Kalipo – WUT

Kalipo - WUT

Kalipo is back on Iptamenos Discos, this time with a solo EP named ‘WUT’ (which means rage in german), featuring a stylistically diverse selection of dark disco tracks which provide a healthy dose of everything from heavy percussion to dark atmospheric sounds to joyful tones, as well as featuring transfixing vocals from Joy Tyson and Local Suicide.

Refreshingly unexpected, this release stays true to Kalipo’s rich signature blend of influences, textures and sounds. The artist does not let himself be defined, straddling the line between house, techno and disco influences for a unique sound that earned him critical acclaim and made him a staple of clubs and festivals all around the globe. He is also a founding member of the renowned German electro punk band Frittenbude and is producing for the esteemed and part of the up and coming dark disco project Dina Summer. His vast discography currently encompasses 5 albums as well as countless singles and remixes released on labels including Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, Audiolith Records, Get Physical, Stil for Talent among others. His live sets exclusively feature his own tracks and are an exciting and unique construction of his originals and remixes which are a little different every time, but never fail to provide a captivating performance.

Digital Album

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