HIV+ & Friends

Here’s 25 tracks of collaborations with a dozen of artists including The Hacker, Adan & Ilse and Blind Delon.

Digital Album [free download]

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Növö Diskö

Növö Diskö came out from the collaboration of The Hacker from Grenoble and HIV+ from Paris.

12″ maxi-single limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gr. high quality lacquered pressed red vinyl.

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HIV+ - Art Of Noise Compilation

Pedro Peñas y Robles, known as HIV+ (Harsh Industrial Virus Positive), a franco-spanish experimental artist, DJ, musician and singer born in Lorca, Spain (1968).

Pedro’s musical path to frozen and somber sound began in France. He has been exploring wider regions of Dark, Industrial & Electronic Body Music music since the late 1980s. For over than a decade Pedro was DJing in various underground Dark Electro/Gothic events in southern France and consolidated his career at Trolleybus (famous club of Marseille) in 1993 with the fetish-industrial festivals titled “Armageddon”.

Pedro’s first old school industrial rhythmic noise record “Hypnoise Movement” was released on independent label Divine Comedy Records (France) in the early 2000s. In 2004 HIV+ finished his first ever north American gigs called “Industrial Virus Tour” in USA, Mexico & Canada organised by Nein records. After having played live in various industrial festivals in 2008 HIV+ produced his last official album “We Are All Haunted Houses” (Caustic / Divine Comedy rec) and maked a cover version of The Normal’s classic “Warm Leatherette” on a vinyl picture disc (OPN records).

He has performed live as a musician in various industrial festivals (l’Usine / Switzerland, Infest / England, Nocturna / Spain, Noxious Art Festival/ France…) and many countries (Spain, Belgium, UK, Mexico, USA & Canada, Chile ..). Moreover, Pedro has organized and co-organized over 100 electro dark events and concerts in the 90′s featuring performances by Dive, Das Ich, LtNo, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Empusae, Sulphuric Saliva, Stefan Alt, Manu Le Malin, The Hacker, and many more.

Later on he has produced numerous of industrial, dark and penetrating records for such labels as Divine Comedy Rec. (France), Black Flames Records (Poland), Caustic Records (Spain) or Signifier (USA) Moreover, from 2000 to 2011 he has remixed music by such legendary musicians as Nitzer Ebb, Hocico, Sonar, Morbid Angel and HIV+ had remixed also by Sonar, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Saverio Evangelista (member of Esplendor Geometrico), Növö, Millimetric, Absolute Body Control, Radical G and more.

Pedro also is part of Fluxus (Unknown Pleasures Records – 2012), a collaborative project between him and Mauri (featuring Arturo Lanz from Esplendor Geometrico), and is also participating in Adan & Ilse synth wave project together with Michel Lecamp from Norma Loy and Black Egg. Pedro was recently involved into a new noise project H.U.H. too with Marc Hurtado & Ushersan.

In 2013 he has founded Unknown Pleasures Records and that is “the answer to the lifelessness and mediocrity of the current music scene”, dedicated to various synth wave, cold wave and dark electro music.

With numerous minimal electronics compilations (Electronic Manifesto from I to IV) made in the past, Pedro to offer here his selected free compilation of this remastered HIV+ early harsh noises.

Listen and download here.

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USHERsan & HIV+ - Wide Lights From Hatred Springs

New version of CD album “Wide Lights from Hatred Springs” published in december 2012 on Signifier (Chicago/USA).

UPR is pleased to present the first collaborative project from prolific cold industrial / minimal synth artists Anthon ‘Usher’ Shield of french coldwave cult act NORMA LOY (and today BLACK EGG) and Pedro Peñas y Robles (from HIV+). Some of these songs have contributed to the birth of their synthwave franco spanish duo ADAN & ILSE in 2013.

“Wide Lights from Hatred Springs” features studio sessions inspired by Noise, Post Punk and New Wave pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK or Nitzer Ebb. The unpredictable pairing of Usher & Pedro utilize vintage equipment and techniques from the late 1970′s / early 80′s leading to a memorable and catchy sound that is as fresh as it is familiar. Haunting compositions feature electro industrial rhythms and old analogue synths. Lyrics sung by HIV+ with backing vocals by USHERsan and Vera give voice to the way in which emotional, spiritual, and social isolation encapsulate the madness of our time.


Listen and order here.

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