Froe Char - Mortality

New single from Froe Char (also a member of Illustration Sonore). Two stormy tracks further defining Froe Char’s sound which is a substrate of universes, mixing noise, dark atmospheres and techno with melodic vocals. Organic wave at it’s finest.

7″ / Digital Album

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Froe Char - Foreigner Skin

New EP of Christina’s patented dark, noisy, catchy minimal synth. Paris’ finest delivers yet again. Split release with Spielzeug Muzak. Limited edition of 100 cassettes.

Listen and order here.

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Froe Char - Fossils

Something happened…
One erotic mouvement of lips in front of a devasted landscape. The mark of a sigh on a broken mirror. Emotions trapped in some vapor. The fossils are returned in a serein chaos.

Froe Char aka Italian / Parisian Christina is also known as 1/2 of the synth duo Illustration Sonore who has an amazing LP being released by the fantastic Medical Records label. There have been a pair of previous Froe Char releases of dark beautiful ambiance but with “Fossils” she takes the distorted haze and murk of her prior work and uses it as a texture amid percolating synths and minimalist rhythms. “Fossils” is the sultry minimal synth record for the experimental crowd or the noisy bleak record for the coldwave kids. I once heard someone say “you can’t dance to pain” but this record really proves otherwise.

This record is the first in a collaborative effort between Spielzeug Muzak and the excellent DIY label Modern Tapes from the US.

Listen and order here.

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