Hyboid - Sequencing the Apocalypse

Somewhere in Berlin during a cold and foggy winter: Hyboid is recording his album “Sequencing the Apocalypse” directly to a 2-track recorder, using analog synthesizers and a couple of old effects units. Raw and no-frills. Influenced by the great French and German pioneers of the 70s, this is a soundtrack for dystopian minds in dystopian times!

LP / Digital Album

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Hyboid – Strange Signals

Hyboid of Astro Chicken Records returns with another full-length LP fresh from his Berlin-based studio: 14 tunes filled to the brim with synth-laden space synth pop goodness. “Strange Signals” is the tale of an interstellar romance gone wrong. Follow our hero through the mists of time and space and watch him return with a fistful of far out oscillations!

2xLP / Digital Album

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Hyboid - Wired at Heart

Astro Chicken label boss Hyboid delivers his nod to the 80s-centric Synthwave craze. From catchy to new romantic, from stomping to sleazy, “Wired At Heart” has it all: Vintage drummachine beats, bubbling sequences, dreamy analog pads and sizzling synth leads. “Hyboid – Wired At Heart” is a synth-nerd’s wet dream cast in vinyl!

Now here’s the real deal: This package includes the “Wired Heart” Special Synth Gadget. Yes, your record comes with a little heart-shaped synthesizer that can be controlled via 8 touch-sensitive contact pads. The “Wired Heart” has six digital oscillators that interact in several different ways, controlled by your touch, your breath, moisture or any other conductive substance you put on the pads. The sounds are non-melodic and rather experimental. There’s even little extensions ports where you can connect LEDs and photo-resistors to open up even more possibilities for sound manipulation. It’s loads of fun! Driven by a CR2032 battery (not included) and connected via 3.5mm stereo mini-jack (the jack also serves as ON/OFF switch, so pull the plug to save battery life).

2 x 12″ / Digital Album

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Hyboid - UFOs over Berlin

Hyboid has returned with a fistful of spaced-out Electro Pop of the Third Kind: “UFOs over Berlin” tells the tale of an UFO invasion in Germany’s capital city. This 6-track mini album is reminiscent of Hyboid’s early material on Astro Chicken Records. With lush analog pads and scintillating melodies, “UFOs over Berlin” leaves no room for doubt: Space is the place!

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Hyboid - Terrör of the Üniverse

“Terrör of the Üniverse” is Hyboid´s third long player on his label Astro Chicken. Blending influences from 70s Kraut and Cosmic music with 80s Synth Pop and Soundtracks from Movies, TV Shows and Video Games, Hyboid creates his very own out-of-time style. Recorded entirely with vintage synthesizers and vintage effects, “Terrör of the Üniverse” is a high-voltage Space Opera!

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